Pazo, standing at the leading edge in Efficient Management of Routine Operations on Cloud-enabled Platform, announced that the company has been listed among the “20 Most Promising SaaS Solution Providers – 2018” by CIO Review magazine.

cio magazine india review saas solution providers


Featured in the 2018 April issue of the magazine, the list is curated by the editorial board of CIO Review. The report showcases leading SaaS Solution Providers For Managing Daily Business Operations. Pazo inclusion in CIO Review magazine underscores the business value they deliver to their clients.

cio magazine india review saas solution providers

Commenting on the listing, Hasan Ali, Co-Founder Pazo, said,


“We are proud to have achieved this coveted industry wide listing in CIO Review’s 20 Most Promising SaaS Solution Providers – 2018’ publication. Pazo provides business operations management solution to its end users at a very affordable rate and with a great flexibility and features as compare to traditional software approach. Pazo focus exclusively on operational activities that can be tracked, analyzed and optimized at minimized cost and effort.”


Operations become more complex, it is even more important that companies are planning, executing and operating with greater reliability. This is where Pazo Operations Management System comes in to play, suturing and marrying together the collection of processes, expectations, and requirements for the successful and holistic management of a business. Pazo operations management system can be chosen across various segments in an organization like sales, marketing, cashiering, facility management, housekeeping, security guards and general administration areas based on reputation, the accomplishment of client requirements, and proven track record across a variety of use cases.

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Post Author: Hasan Ali Kanba

Over 8 years of experience in business strategy planning and execution across various sales and marketing roles. Before starting PAZO, he was an integral part of a couple of startups that have successfully raised money and exited.