• PAZO web App update
    All of us in PAZO know that these are challenging times. We hope that we can give you a little bit of comfort by delivering our product update to you from the safe, physical distance of our own homes. Welcome to our PAZO Update 8.2 Mobile App Need to edit your answers in drafts – No worries, we’ve got your back  PAZO update 8.2 Now, you can easily edit the Checklists Draft answers once a
  • Optimizing Retail Opportunity
    Navigating through the COVID-19 pandemic has been a challenging time for most industries, including retail has witnessed the impact of COVID-19 over the past few months. The widespread health and safety concerns, travel restrictions and local movement limitations, retailers in India started feeling the heat. During this period, retailers are looking to change their current working strategies to generate revenue as usual without deploying more manpower in order to abide by the government guidelines. Even
  • Nowadays, companies are very aware that they need to take a multi-channel approach when it comes to addressing their customers’ needs. Even brick-and-mortar stores need to maximize the tools available to them, and those tools can often include online platforms like social media. In a previous article on the blog, we wrote about ‘Improving Store Operations with Smarter Schedules and Better Budgeting‘. With a world that’s now more highly connected and information-rich than ever before,
  • Stock Management
    Stock Management / Inventory Management Stock management is the practice of tracking and controlling inventory. The main goal is to monitor and control the goods and stock so that new stock can be ordered as required to maintain the right numbers and quantities at all times. To effectively control the stocks, proper stock management software may be required. With this, organizations may save costs associated with human errors. Stock management applies to every item a
  • Conditional Logic's
    Conditional Logic Conditional logic is a standardized procedure to simply flows. By setting rules for your processes and updating the outcome based on selected conditions, it is easy to simplify the complicated list. When the condition is triggered all optional tasks can be automatically hidden and show up only tasks that matched the condition. In our checklist, we have introduced conditional logic to create truly dynamic checklists based on the logic of “if one of”
  • Pazo has gotten quite a makeover since our last update and we’re excited to let you know how we’re striving to be better than we were yesterday. We’re constantly working to improve your Pazo experience and here’s the summary of what has been changed What is new with Pazo 8.1: Stock Room Management Stock counts if unorganized will definitely lead to inefficiencies, misuse of stocks, and other nightmares to the company. To put an end