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How to track your employees' work activities using geo tagging?

How to track your employees' work activities using geo tagging?

Pazo's geo-tagging feature enables businesses to ensure in real-time tasks are being accomplished in the right location at the right time. Learn more.

Nethra Ramani Author
Solution Specialist


Pazo is a task management platform that provides a robust solution for businesses to improve their operations. One of the difficulties that many businesses encounter is keeping track of the tasks that their employees complete, particularly while they are in the retail stores. Pazo has created a solution that employs geo-tagging to ensure that checklists to complete the store tasks are only opened after scanning a QR code at a specific location and time. This ensures that store executives perform the essential tasks within the designated area and time range. This case study will look at the benefits of this solution and how it works.


Many retail businesses require employees to work in the stores, visiting multiple locations to fulfill various tasks. Keeping track of what tasks are completed and where they are being completed can be difficult, particularly for managers who need to guarantee that their staff is working efficiently and effectively.

Geo-tagging is one solution to this problem. Pazo employs the geo-tagging feature in its retail execution software to ensure that employees' checklists are only accessible after scanning a QR code at a specific location and time. This aids in tracking the location of tasks being completed by employees in real-time, ensuring that they are completed in the required locations and that employees are working on the right tasks.

How Pazo's Solution Works

Pazo's solution is a mobile app that employees can download on their smartphones. After installing the application and configurations are in place, employees can access the task checklist that is assigned to a specific location, in the form of smart checklists. This task checklist ensures that all the tasks are completed on time and that nothing is missed, through time capture and location capture.

The manager can also view each employee's task history, which displays a chronology of the tasks accomplished by the employee during the day. This can assist the manager in identifying patterns in the employee's work and determining where the person could be more efficient.

Benefits of Pazo's Solution

Pazo's geo-tagging solution offers various advantages to businesses:

1. Increased efficiency

With paper-based checklists, managers would have to depend on written or verbal reports to know about the completion of tasks and their location, which sometimes may not be as accurate. By ensuring that checklists are opened only after scanning a QR code at a certain location and time, managers can ensure that employees are working from the designated location in the store and not completing tasks from locations different from the appropriate ones. In addition, managers can use this information to maximize employee work efficiency since they know where employees are working and what tasks they are completing.

2. Increased accountability

With paper-based checklists, it is difficult to track the exact location and time of task completion, which can make it harder for managers to hold employees accountable. With Pazo's solution, managers can see which tasks are being completed by their employees and where they are being completed. As a result, managers can track progress and ensure that all tasks are done on time, making it easier for them to hold employees accountable for their work.

3. Increased safety

Pazo's solution also allows managers to observe the location of tasks being accomplished by their employees, which can help to protect the safety of employees in the store. The manager will be able to track their employee's whereabouts and ensure they are not in an unsafe area.

4. Improved task tracking

Pazo's solution allows managers to easily track their employees' tasks, which can help them find areas where employees could be more efficient. Managers can assess the performance of different employees and take necessary action, such as offering training or assigning different tasks.

5. Cost-effective

Pazo's solution is cost-effective because it relies on the GPS on the employee's phone, avoiding the need for additional hardware or equipment. This can help the organization save money because they don't have to invest in pricey technology to track their employees' whereabouts and tasks.

6. Easy Reporting

With digital checklists, managers can easily generate reports of all the tasks completed by employees, with all the data available at their fingertips. This can be beneficial in analyzing data over time and identifying areas of improvement. With paper-based checklists, managers have to go through the checklists manually to get this information, which is time-consuming and prone to human errors.


Pazo's geo-tagging feature enables businesses to track the location of tasks being accomplished by their employees in real-time. Managers can use Pazo as a retail task management software for this solution to guarantee that their employees are working efficiently, are accountable for their work, and are safe. The technology also allows managers to easily track their employees' tasks, which can help them find areas where employees could be more efficient. Pazo as a retail operation software is a cost-efficient solution that assists managers in making data-driven and informed decisions.

Nethra Ramani Author

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