Increase your sales
by up to 1.9x!

Smart displays, visual merchandising & In-store retail execution = Happy Shoppers!

Our retail software enables retailers to better manage in-store operations, improve shopper engagement and drive more sales.

Retail Increase your Sales up to 1.9x
Real Time shelf replenishment
Real-time shelf replenishment

Never miss a sale!

Create and assign timely/custom ad-hoc visual merchandising checklists to ensure shelves are full at all times, increasing customer satisfaction and sales. Raise issues to identify and replenish empty shelves.

Planogram execution

Promotional displays & campaign execution

Store upkeep & hygiene

store upkeep

Maintain Standards unique to your brand

Manage and personalize your brand content to deliver a unique customer experience. Scan QR codes at stores to complete and follow store maintenance checklists. Make sure employees are at their best to deliver a great customer experience.

Recurring digital checklists

Automatic non-compliance alerts

In-app alerts, document sharing & workflows

Retail Store Upkeep
Retail Store Planogram Execution
Planogram execution

Functionally flawless planograms

Submit images and guidelines in real-time to create visually aesthetic and functional planograms through planogram compliance checklist. Communicate messages and tasks to individuals and groups to create eye-catching point-of-purchase displays that draw the customer's attention to a particular product.

Real-time replenishment visibility

Price label check & stock compliance

KYC by getting in assortment request from the shelf

Timely Marketing and Promotions

On time campaigns and marketing

Ensure timely releasing of promotions and marketing at the right time by submitting images and issuing guidelines at the right times. Enable easier implementation of campaigns through Pazo - task management software and increase sales with huge profits.

Shrinkage reporting & monitoring

Digitise store opening & closing process + weekly roaster

Get NPS & CSAT from end customers right from the shelf

Timely Marketing and Promotions

Stay updated with your store's needs and attract consumers with your flawless functioning patterns. Maintain the best visual merchandising audit checklist to manage sales and campaigns.

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"PAZO creates value by saving time in daily administrative work and transforming paper-based processes into digital."

Olaf Koch, Chairman @METRO MG
Retail Chains

Fashion, Apparel, Footwear, Convenience Stores

Retail Execution, Visual Merchandise, Stock Upkeep, Statutory Compliance, Store Visits & Audits

and much more

"Pazo creates value by saving time in daily administrative work and transforming paper-based processes into digital."

Olaf Koch, Chairman @METRO MG