WebApp Features:


  1. Users with web access i.e. Viewer, Site admin and Client admins will be able to download images from gallery. Users can download the desired images with this feature.


pazo new features v7.0


  1. Users with web access i.e. Viewer, Site admin and Client admins can use Custom Graphs to build charts with parameters like

No. of checklists submitted or missed


No. of issuers raised/resolved/closed/opened, Turnaround time for issues.


3. Site groups selection available on communication module, while creating new chat. Users can create chats for specific groups.


4. Sorting is introduced in multi-site dashboard. Users can sort multi-site dashboard data based on columns either in ascending or descending.


5. Previously Issuer has only access for field app to raise and monitor issues. Now Issuer also has web app access to view/raise issues.



6. Flags are now highlighted on checklist mails.


Mobile App Features:

  1. Users cannot submit a checklist if the next recurring checklist time has started i.e., User has to submit checklists within the specified time before the onset of next slot in the same schedule.



2. Reply for chat directly from notification.



3. Field users will be notified when any document is uploaded and approved by the site admin.




4. Users can now zoom the pictures in the chat module.


5. Issues chat page will have the images of the issue taken while raising an issue.


6. Now Pazo Supports French language. If the Users change the default phone language into French, Pazo Field app supports.

Post Author: Sharjeel Ahmed

Over 15 years of total experience in the software industry with previous experience working with various multinational companies like Microsoft, Adobe, etc. He is a serial entrepreneur having done a lot of work with NFC based products.