• Deskless Workforce
    Not everybody around the globe sits at a workstation completing a 9-5 job. In fact, 80% of the individuals consist of deskless workforce. As much as technology has advanced and improved businesses, deskless workers haven’t been able to reap the benefits. Who do we call the Deskless Workforce? The 2.7 billion people across various industries from hospitality to facilities to healthcare, who are mobile when they work are the deskless workforce.  There has been quite
  • The terms referring to different kinds of employees can be quite confusing sometimes. However, distinguishing one from the other is essential, as it can help employers decide how best to manage their workforce. In this article, we will help you understand the difference between a deskless workforce, mobile workforce, telecommuting, and remote work, as well as highlight the things that make them unique. Deskless Workforce As previously discussed in ‘The Impact of the Deskless Workforce
  • In this blog we’ll look at: How retailers are currently managing the workforce What factors affect staff, staff schedules, and budgeting Why an activity-based approach is the best way to improve store operations and customer service How to improve store operations The retail industry is constantly evolving and there have been a lot of changes in terms of workforce demand, tools, and processes. As a retailer, when you see new innovations in the industry, it also
  • Organized retailing and e-commerce are two channels that have brought in superior supply chain capabilities and hitherto unseen price efficiencies that have brought down the end cost for the customer. More than 85% of retailers have not been able to meet their original vision and have had to rethink their goals. A lot has been said about the disruption caused by the revolutionary pace of digital access which has made retailers rethink their strategy and
  • Emerging Trends in the Facility Management Sector
    The India Facility Management Market is anticipated to record a CAGR of 18- 24%, over the forecast period (2020 – 2025). The growing emphasis on outsourcing of non-core operations and growth in the real estate sector is expected to drive the Indian market for facility management services. The growing trend of outsourcing the non-core operations in the country is expected to increase the demand for Facility Management Services. The facility management services are outsourced services
  • Use PAZO resources free for 2 months to help your business navigate COVID-19 At the time of writing this article, there are over 294,110 confirmed cases of COVID-19 across the world as per the World Health Organization (WHO). As the Coronavirus pandemic escalates day by day, PAZO’s top priority is to keep their customers and employees safe and prevent the spread of the virus. The below-mentioned checklist is for PAZO customers which they can find