All your auditing needs under one roof!

Ensure retail compliance, keep inventory in check, track store data and, plan and prepare for store visits.

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Auditing all the check, track store data
Ensure Retail Compliance
Ensure retail compliance

Commercial Audits

Use Pazo as a task management tool to get daily inventory reports and non-compliance reports from your store and verify its accuracy in the form of images, meter readings, etc. Track previous reports and audits over time and spot opportunities for improvement. Share reports with managers and stakeholders.

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Planogram execution

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Promotional displays & campaign execution

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Store upkeep & hygiene

sop audits

Digitize and Optimize SOP Auditing!

Plan and schedule store visits to prepare for future audits by reviewing previous reviews. Collect location and demographic data which help create a pleasing store image by providing accurate product delivery, sales, fit, store descriptions, and street perspectives. Create checklists for planogram compliances and POP Displays.

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Recurring digital checklists

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Automatic non-compliance alerts

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In-app alerts, document sharing & workflows

Retail SOP Audits
Fixed Assets Auditing
Fixed assets auditing

Fixed Assets

Site managers can log critical data such as photos, temperature readings, ratings and more from any mobile device. Track store data along with information on product placement, shelf space, inventory levels, planogram compliance and product location.

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Real-time replenishment visibility

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Price label check & stock compliance

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KYC by getting in assortment request from the shelf

Inventory auditing

No compromise for accuracy!

Make sure your company financial records match your  inventory records and actual inventory counts and confirm quantity and quality of inventory. Geotagging ensures that the checklist is sent from the appropriate location where the QR code is located.  Maintain and update your company's fixed asset register and get accurate asset information such as asset name, description, purchase date and value.

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Shrinkage reporting & monitoring

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Digitise store opening & closing process + weekly roaster

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Get NPS & CSAT from end customers right from the shelf

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"PAZO creates value by saving time in daily administrative work and transforming paper-based processes into digital."

Olaf Koch, Chairman @METRO MG
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"Pazo creates value by saving time in daily administrative work and transforming paper-based processes into digital."

Olaf Koch, Chairman @METRO MG
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