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Timely in-store promos, functional planograms and a unique store experience= Higher conversion! Do it all with Pazo.

Retail Marketing
Retail Reflect, Visualise, Communicate

Oversee in-store promotions!

Always have a vision in your store's promotion by sending photos and videos and planning and running marketing campaigns accordingly. Provide employees with digital guidelines and instructions to  make  timely campaigns and promotions easier and easier. Guide timely promotion execution in your store, and correct any issues if necessary. therefore increasing sales.

Magic Tool

Planogram execution

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Promotional displays & campaign execution

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Store upkeep & hygiene

unique store experience

Visual Merchandising reveals the soul of the shop

Visual Merchandising is the silent salesman. Increase sales and increase rate of customer conversion by providing a unique in-store customer experience leaving customers wanting to come back. Issue Visual Merchandising documents to your staff to help them execute VM's better.

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Recurring digital checklists

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Automatic non-compliance alerts

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In-app alerts, document sharing & workflows

Retail Visual Merchandising Unique Store Experience
Retail Planogram Execution
Planogram execution

Ensure Planogram compliance

Submit images and guidelines to create visually aesthetic and functional planograms through planogram compliance checklist. Communicate messages and tasks to individuals and groups to create eye-catching point-of-purchase displays that draw the customer's attention to a particular product.

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Real-time replenishment visibility

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Price label check & stock compliance

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KYC by getting in assortment request from the shelf

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"PAZO creates value by saving time in daily administrative work and transforming paper-based processes into digital."

Olaf Koch, Chairman @METRO MG
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Retail Execution, Visual Merchandise, Stock Upkeep, Statutory Compliance, Store Visits & Audits

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"Pazo creates value by saving time in daily administrative work and transforming paper-based processes into digital."

Olaf Koch, Chairman @METRO MG
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