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With a vision to maximize the productivity of the deskless workforce, Pazo offers low, per-user monthly fixed rates. (Minimum licenses apply).

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Operations management for small to medium enterprises.

Entry-point for small businesses that want to streamline tasks and move their non-desk workers to the digital world

* No Credit Card Required

Top Features
  • Unlimited Checklists with scheduling
  • Issue/ticketing with esacalation
  • Beat patrol
  • QR/ NFC-based asset tagging
  • Work order management

For large facilities & organizations.

Feature-rich options for businesses at scale that want better collaboration in operations and task management for non-desk workforce

* No Credit Card Required

Top Features
  • Essentials Plan features
  • Work Shift Management
  • Data-driven chat and messaging for tasks
  • Advanced reporting
  • Audit scoring
  • Compliance management
  • Help-desk management with requester/tenant app

For enterprises which have multiple outlets or chains.

Enterprise-only features with robust integrations, extended support and custom reports for organisations with non-desk workforce across multiple sites

Top Features
  • On-site implementation and training
  • Custom dashboard
  • Custom integration with Slack, Google Sheets, sensors and more
  • Dedicated Account Manager with
    phone support
  • White-labelling
  • Single sign-on

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Process Scheduling


Scheduling Checklists

Table Style Checklist View

Checklist Scoring

Meter Reading

Signature Capture

Image Attachment

Blank Image Detection

Location & Time Stamps For Images

Consolidated Image Gallery

Image Annotations

Checklist Drafts

Checklist Reviews

Red Flags for fields

Schedules Calendar

Holidays For Schedules

Personalised Nomenclature

Site & Locations



Location Tracking

Beat Patrol

Unique QR Code Check-in

GPS Tracking

Multi Time Zone


Analytics Dashboard

Tabular View

Custom Dashboard

Mobile App Dashboard

PDF & CSV Exporting

Consolidated Downloadable Reports

Consolidated Email Reports

Push Notifications

Status Emails

Audit Trail

Escalations & Triggers

Different Escalation Levels

Trigger Notifications on specific actions (SMS, Email, In-app Notification)

Daily Summary Reports

Users & Teams

User Management

Teams/ Departments

Users Bulk Upload

User Tagging

Work Shift Management


View-Only Users


Incident Management

Raise Incident on Location

View Incident Status

Auto-Close Incidents

Download Incident Reports

Incident Triggers for Alerts

Custom Fields for Incident Form

Task & Messaging

Team Chat

One to One Chat

Task Management via Chat

Delivery Reports

Multiple Response Types (Text, Number, Multiselect, Date, Time)

Private Responses

PDF & Excel Reporting

Documents & Training

Document Storage (Image,PDF,Xls, Video etc)

Version Control

File Upload Approval



API & Webhooks

Third Party Intergrations


Knowledge Base


Chat & Email Support

Phone Support

Raise Support Tickets

Onsite Training & Implementation

Client Onboarding

Dedicated Customer Success Manager

Pricing Faqs

Which types of users are considered paid users?

There are five types of users under your paid Pazo plan:

  1. Super Admin: As a super admin, the user can create, edit and view checklists and processes of all the sites assigned
  2. Site Admin: Site admins can create, edit and view checklists and processes of the site assigned to them
  3. Viewer: Viewers can view all the checklists and issues submitted by other users based on the site and department access provided
  4. Field User: Field users can submit the checklists and raise issues based on the site and department access provided
  5. Issue Requester: Issuers can raise issues and view the status of the issues they have raised

Do admin users/managers get charged?

All users/administrators/supervisors are considered users and will be counted in your total user number.

When and how will I be billed?

We respect your 15-day free trial period. For example, if you upgrade 15 days before your trial expires you won’t start paying for 15 days.

Monthly Billing:

On a monthly plan, we will usually generate your Tax Invoice/Statement on the first day of every month.

Annual Billing:

On an annual plan, you will be charged immediately up-front for the year on the day you upgrade. Any additional fees incurred (e.g. additional users, SMS) will be charged at the end of the month (at the monthly rate of your chosen plan).

How is monthly billing handled for new, discarded and restored users?

When the number of users using Pazo changes, you get charged on a pro-rata basis. If you add new users, based on your billing cycle, per-user charges will be calculated on proration. The same applied to reinstated users.

When you remove users from your Pazo plan, credits for the unused licenses of the old plan will be adjusted in your next invoice.

Will I incur fees if I change my plan?

If you are on a Monthly plan then you can change your plan at any time without any additional charges. All you need to do is to select your new plan in your accounts’ billing settings. The plan change will take effect from the first of the current month. We will bill you on the new plan in the next billing run, at the end of the month. And you will see this change reflected in your next Tax Invoice/Statement. Like most services, we are subject to jurisdictional taxes, so depending on location these will be applied to monthly usage costs.

If you are on an Annual plan and you change it during a billing cycle, you will be charged on a pro-rata basis in your next invoice. For example, If your subscription is billed on the first of the month changes to a more expensive plan, you receive a credit for the unused portion of the old plan and are billed for only the remainder of the month for the new plan.

What happens if I cancel my plan?

If you cancel your monthly plan, you’ll pay for your current plan until the end of the monthly billing period. If you’d like to retain access to your plan benefits for the full month, we recommend you cancel your subscription at the end of the month.

If you are on an annual plan, you can cancel your plan before your 12 months expires, however, there are no refunds in this instance.

How is my currency of billing determined?

The currency is determined by the business account’s country selected during signup.