Emerging Trends in the Facility Management Sector- India

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Emerging Trends in the Facility Management Sector- India

  • The India Facility Management Market Trends anticipated to record a CAGR of 18- 24%, over the forecast period (2020 – 2025). The growing emphasis on outsourcing of non-core operations and growth in the real estate sector is expected to drive the Indian market for facility management and services.
  • The growing trend of outsourcing the non-core operations in the country is expected to increase the demand for Facility Management Services. The facility management services are outsourced services and are primarily preferred by companies where a high standard of cleanliness is expected.
  • FM industry is gearing up for a historic shift towards automated services, with considerable investment of manpower and resources toward creating technology-driven services platforms
  • The biggest challenge faced by the industry is to transform the perception of FM services beyond traditional housekeeping services. Building maintenance is inarguably the core of FM services, but today also spans sophisticated requirements spanning Integrated Facilities Management, Industrial Facilities Management, Specialised Engineering Services, and Soft Services.


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Growth Opportunity

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The Indian Facilities Management industry is in the midst of rapid development. The anticipated growth in the market can be attributed to:

  • Growth in commercial and residential real estate
  • Increase in SEZs, mega food parks, smart cities, and housing projects
  • Greater awareness of cleanliness and hygiene amongst industries
  • Reduction in operating costs of the facilities/buildings
  • More outsourcing by corporates who were hitherto insourcing
  • Inability to provide specialized cleaning by inhouse personnel
  • Increased business activities from Tier-2 and Tier-3 cities
  • Increase in outsourcing of facility management services by Government offices

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  • Generation Y –  the tech-savvy, connected, urban, and educated millennials – will make up half of the global workforce by 2020. Hence, keeping in mind facility management trends FM professionals are investing more in balancing the preferences of different generations, thereby, contributing to the market growth. 
  • Smart technology and artificial intelligence are also expected to provide the market for facility management solutions with significant growth potential. According to CBRE, there will be 25 billion connected things in use by 2020 up from 4.9 billion in 2015
  • It is predicted that intelligent buildings will be commonplace by 2020. Every asset or device within the building, such as lights, sensors, windows, HVAC units, doors, and CCTV, will have a unique identity and be fully integrated into a network. This trend requires huge planning and, therefore, solutions and support from FM providers.
  • Among the IoT applications, FM providers find a huge expansion scope. While for smart buildings, sensor-controlled HVAC and smart navigation, including emergency evacuation are used, however, for resource management, sensors on resources, like rooms, desks, and parking spaces, providing real-time data on space usage and availability are present.
  • Automobiles and transport also become an area of interest for FM providers as driverless cars bring auto traffic management and navigation, and sensors collect data on infrastructure alerting real-time issues and scheduling preventative maintenance- based on predictive analytics.
  • The total number of professional service robots (covering use in logistics, defense, medical, and field sectors) sold in 2018 rose by 61% to more than 271,000 units, up from roughly 168,000 in 2017. As sensor technologies open up new robot applications, the total number in facilities maintenance could be much larger.

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How Pazo Helps Make Facility Management Better

Keeping in view the Facility Management Trends 2020, Pazo helps maintain brand standards and consistency across all the multi-site facilities you operate by making maintenance teams more productive. Pazo empowers the deskless workforce to:

    •  Make operations efficient: When routine operations are carried out in the most efficient way, customer satisfaction comes naturally. It’s not easy to manually keep a tab on every employee and task being carried out in different areas in the facility, more so if you’re a multi-location manager. Technology has advanced quite a bit and now, working smarter has become easier. Using Pazo you can connect to all your team members instantly, get real-time data on the tasks being carried out across all your locations and raise a ticket and assign a turnaround time to ensure issues are resolved by the designated employees within the stipulated time
    • Increase asset life cycle: Save time and resources by digitizing your tracking processes. Have tasks assigned to the field workforce through easy and detailed checklists to rest assured that all critical assets are maintained in optimal condition? Having a preventive approach and inspecting equipment on a regular basis can help maintain them better. Software up-gradation, repairing equipment, re-installation of equipment, eliminating possible machinery defects, etc. comes under timely inspection. Inspections can save costs spent on managing damages and control. Assigning checklists to departments ensures that these important inspections are not missed out and also allows you to take corrective measures as fast as possible
  • Standardize operations & service delivery across locations: A successful facility consistently delivers excellent service to all its occupants. Service quality needs to be consistent, especially when you’re a multi-chain operator
  • Integrate with PMS solutions: Integrating PMS solution with work orders and routine operations, retrieving O&M manuals, floor plans and asset information have improved value to organizations of up to 45%
    • Integrate to IoT devices: Internet of Things is becoming a convenient asset in improving performance, efficiency, time, and cost savings in integrated facilities management services. When utilized the right way, IoT systems can reduce energy bills and provide insightful data to improve operational efficiency and provide a better tenant/employee experience. CBRE’s report has noted that 25 billion connected things will be in use by 2020 up from 4.9 billion in 2015
    • Manage Issues: Report issues and breakdowns with location and images with real-time insights, ensuring that the department resolves the issue in the shortest time to ensure customer satisfaction
  • Improve Communication: Ensure clear and effective communication between departments at the individual facility locations and the head office. Coordinate task assignment and completion, surveys, feedback and compliance across all locations you operate to ensure consistency in customer satisfaction and SOPs


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