3 Simple Steps To Improve Facility Management Efficiencies

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3 Simple Steps To Improve Facility Management Efficiencies

Let us first understand what facility management is? According to IFMA (International Facility Management Association) “Facility Management is the structuring of organizational function which easily integrates place, process and people within the built organization/environment with the sole purpose of bettering the current quality of life of the people and the overall productivity of the core business.”

Lets discuss about facilities management strategies. Numerous organizational people and managers have agreed upon the fact that outsourcing the entire facilities management have proven to render the best and real benefits to organizations when it comes to reducing costs and allowing them to focus on their core business values.

However, if you are not living under a rock for several years, you’d definitely know that facility management is a rapid-changing and extremely competitive market, which means that every facilities management company needs to be continually improving their performance in order to retain and win contracts.

Without any doubt, QoS (Quality of Service) is crucial – According to a survey conducted by Deloitte, 71% of companies terminating outsourced contracts cite poor service as the main reason for changing supplier.

facilities management strategies – Improvement Ideas

Nowadays, facilities management is not an entirely old school! It ranges from janitorial work to maintenance and beyond. As modern corporations/organizations have grown more intricate, customer and vendor relationships have reinvented what it means to be above reproach in facilities management. Myriads of existing businesses need to refresh their operations, which includes entire remodeling and expansion to new locations, and applying several new initiatives in facilities management to help pave a new pathway of ensuring businesses’ success and longevity.

So, without any delay, let us see how easily one can improve their entire facilities management standards and operations.

1. Improving Transparency Should Be Your First Goal.

A recent poll by the National Audit Office and the Public Accounts Committee called for greater transparency of supplier performance in order that the public sector receives the best and the most effective services when it comes to outsourced facilities management. This ongoing trend is equally prevalent in the private sector as well, as several organizations want to know more about how suppliers are performing against service level agreements (SLAs) and the standards which have been concretely set.

In order to provide this transparency, facility managers need to change how they monitor and report their everyday activities. Many managers are still relying on paper-based checklists and spreadsheets to log performance, which means they cannot provide a real-time analysis of what staff on the ground are doing and regular reports are time-consuming to generate and supply, as data needs to be re-entered/re-keyed manually.

This aforementioned issue(s) can be easily resolved with PAZO! How? We can easily digitize the manual paper-based checklists and you can hassle-freely schedule them as well as per your organizational needs. Wish to know more?

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2. Take Control of Your Staff:

facilities management strategies often involves a huge chunk of staff which is usually spread across multiple locations. A manager has to ensure that they are all aware of what they should be doing and when! It can be difficult at times particularly when it comes to managing several off-sites. Sometimes, the first that a company knows about a problem is when the customer raises a complaint; which ideally shouldn’t happen at all!

The best idea would be switching to a digital workplace management system like PAZO which provides greater control for facilities managers. For example, they can see exactly what tasks staff have carried out as all reporting data is automatically uploaded to the cloud. They can view who did what and when, and any issues are flagged in real-time, enabling them to be swiftly fixed.

This greater control also provides the opportunity to be proactive where managers can analyze the data and spot all the provided opportunities for improvements which will allow to suggest them to clients and potentially add value and open up new revenue earning opportunities.

3. Open Your Arms and Welcome Technology:

The rise of digital technology has the prime potential and power to transform facilities management and take it completely to greater heights. How? Let’s take the example of a smart building! Smart buildings can increasingly monitor themselves and Internet of Things-equipped devices can send proactive messages when they require servicing or have a fault, while cloud-based monitoring improves control over operations. All of these technologies are here now and have the ability to deliver extensive improvements in service and productivity.

As we all know digitization is ever-increasing, even more, and better facility management opportunities are likely to be unlocked imminently. So facilities management companies need to embrace technology and to improve operations and change how they work!

Similarly, Machine Learning is also a fascinating way to improve the current facility management standards. Machine learning allows several facilities managers to implement intelligent asset maintenance which is a proactive approach to maintenance and is based on the actual utilization of the asset. Also, machine learning helps prevent unexpected equipment breakdowns through the dispatch of automatic updates to facilities managers when the system detects a potential issue.

At PAZO, we always strive to make facilities management simpler by providing a solution that is intuitive and tech-oriented. The ultimate motto is to automate your daily facility operations in an efficient way with the help of technology.

Pazo Facility Management Software solution is an intuitive cloud-integrated solution to automate

  • Asset maintenance
  • Issue and Breakdown reporting
  • Work-shift management
  • Communication
  • Help-desk Management
  • Compliance’s
  • MIS Reports etc.  facility operations in an efficient way.

PAZO provides a centralized dashboard where you can easily track, maintain, and monitor your assets. Also, you can achieve better efficiency in energy management and you can swiftly manage your employees without any hodgepodge.

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