Challenges Faced by Operation Managers

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Challenges Faced by Operation Managers

So what do we really do?

The answer is what you think it is, we manage!

But it isn’t just that simple. You see, our work is a constant juggle between a lot of things;  Operation Managers play a major role in ensuring compliance of workplace policies and standard operating procedures in our departments so that things run smoothly. We also arrange for various standard operating procedure checklists to get tasks completed throughout the day and are the first point of contact to report back when things get done.

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Anything that our teams do,we are accountable for it and we do what we can to assist them, be it the helping pick a new staff member, training them, resolving issues/ providing a helping hand  from other departments or maintaining constant supply of workplace items. Not everything can be done from the same workplace and requires us to stay in touch with partners from other geographical areas or organizations.

operations manager challenges retail industry facility industry

At the end of the day, our ultimate goal is to achieve consistency in performance and operational excellence. It is not only a result of good management but also planning things to be done in a way that saves operational costs.

This can involve many administrative tasks like participating in planning policies and standard operating procedures, budgeting, deciding employee salaries and carrying out regular audits.That was the general overview of our work. But not every industry is exactly the same. Each industry has unique challenges of their own. Let’s take a closer look into them:

1. Retail:

Retailing operations

The retail industry is constantly transforming and there is an exponential growth in gaps between teams and management. As customers become more demanding, there is also extra pressure to exceed their expectations of the product, customer service, and overall store experience.

Tracking is essential to monitor excellence of every retail process, such as Reviews, Approvals, Production, VM Designs, and Stocks etc. along with ensuring team accountability, organizing tasks and not creating stopgaps. Reporting is crucial to measure results and to check the progress of the defined goals by operation managers.

A retail task management software can be a particularly useful tool to maintain such daily store checklists and ensure that every store audit gets done properly with less effort.

2. Facility:

facilities management industry

Ensuring proper maintenance of company assets and infrastructures is not an easy task, as there are always new emerging challenges and constraints.

Facility Management is a complex process that involves a meticulous information flow and a quick call to action. During the inspection, operation manager and other managers have to look for all unsafe conditions or potential hazards. Operation of risk control, Fire and safety procedures are the responsibilities of the facility manager.

Finding out the assets that have to be replaced, equipment that requires preventive and corrective maintenance, extending the life of existing assets and/or to coordinate the upcoming expenses etc. cannot be ignored.

Facility Managers are crucial to implementing innovative and new workplace practices that foster a constant flow of communication, knowledge sharing, and productivity across all teams in the organization.

3. Hospitality

hospitality management

Hospitality is one of the booming industries now. As customers are increasingly demanding, operations managers are struggling with getting total satisfaction and positive feedback from the customers.

Most of the managers in the Hospitality industry face difficulties in creating multiple work orders, organizing and managing calendars and work schedules. For consistent customer experience, amenities that include Wi-Fi, Housekeeping, Restaurants and Room services etc. should be taken care of 24/7.

Ensuring Corrective maintenance and faster reporting is chaos when the organization is growing faster. Customers expect a sophisticated level of service, providing that not only drive loyalty among guests and customers but also increase brand reputation.

The key is to identify these issues at the earliest and set the most efficient and effective ways to overcome them. Acquiring the industry cutting-edge technology helps the organization run at its full speed.

So hopefully this provides  you with an in depth glimpse into our role as operations manager and the challenges each industry throws at us.

How PAZO can help such operation managers:

PAZO is a task management tool that brings together the traditional benefits of planning and compliance with action-oriented solutions for dealing with every single operation challenge in all the above industries in a simple and smarter way. Our existing customers use it everyday to maintain standard operating procedures checklist and compliance audits across industries. The retail industry for instance uses it as their task assignment software for daily housekeeping checklists, stock audit checklists, visual merchandising  among many other such checklists.

Consistently identify and instantly respond to the demands in all departments of your business. PAZO task management tool will not only optimize your maintenance operations and boost the productivity of your team, but it is also a path towards significant cost reduction.

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