Coronavirus Preparedness Checklist

At the time of writing this article, there are over 294,110 confirmed cases of COVID-19 across the world as per the World Health Organization (WHO). The Coronavirus is a combination of several viruses which are the root cause of severe deceases including “Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, Severe Acute Respiratory System, cold, fever, Kidney failure and breathing issue” etc.

As the Coronavirus pandemic escalates day by day, PAZO’s top priority is to keep their customers and employees safe and prevent the spread of the virus.

The below-mentioned checklist is for PAZO customers which they can find in the Pazo checklist templates and can implement them in no time. 

Coronavirus Preparedness Checklist:

Here is the Coronavirus Preparedness Checklist which you can put into immediate use:-

S. NoQuestionnaire CheckAction
For Management - One Time Checklist
1Emergency communication plan developed for distributing timely and accurate information to your employees ?Yes / No
2Are all employees equipped with disinfectants, sanitizers, gloves and other protective equipment, particularly for those who engage directly with customers ?Yes / No
3Soap and paper hand towels are available in sufficient quantities next to all sinks
(both in toilets and next to all hand wash sinks)
Yes / No
4The procedure to check and refill the supplies is established and working.Yes / No
5There are no-touch bins to dispose of tissues used by employees in restrooms.Yes / No
6As a precautionary measure are you promoting the use of video conferences for meetings?Yes / No
7Are the employees getting encouraged to mark their attendance online instead of using biometric systems?Yes / No
8Are the employees suffering from cold, cough or fever being consulted by the doctor?Yes / No
9Are there any spaces that can be used to seclude sick people if needed?Yes / No
10Have you stuck signages/posters on the walls that encourage staying home when sick, cough and sneeze etiquette and hand hygiene at the entrance to your workplace and in other workplace areas where the employees are likely to be seen?Yes / No
11Has the FM team established priorities for continuing FM functions throughout the COVID-19 pandemic ?Yes / No
12All employees,staff members, have been informed and trained on the COVID-19 precautions?Yes / No
13Do you have contact details of emergency services like Fire, Police, and Emergency Medical Services as there will be a delay in such services ?Yes / No

S. NoQuestionnaire CheckAction
Maintenance of facilities | One Time :
1Building closures and/or access restrictions details have been passed to the occupants ?Yes / No
2Are colleagues, visitors, vendors entering the premises getting their temperature checked ?Yes / No
3Is there a routine cleaning happening at all frequently touched surfaces in the workplace, such as workstations, countertops, and door knobs ?Yes / No
4Have you reviewed your HVAC system, its major components, as well as air and water distribution ?Yes / No
5Have you taken security measures to protect critical assets that are in short supply ?Yes / No

S. NoQuestionnaire CheckAction  
Daily maintenance checklist :
1Cleaned Light Switches?Yes / No
2Cleaned Elevator buttons?Yes / No
3Cleaned Chair arms ?Yes / No
4Cleaned Cabinet and file drawer knobs/handles?Yes / No
5Cleaned Door knobs/handles ? Yes / No
6Cleaned Handrails?Yes / No
7Cleaned Sinks and Faucets ?Yes / No
8Cleaned Food items/Drinks Vending machines ?Yes / No
9Cleaned Window Sills ?Yes / No
10Cleaned Counter tops?Yes / No

Protect yourself and others by doing the following:

Follow these Do’s and Don’ts – by Ministry of Health & Family Welfare (Government of India) – Official Poster

  • Wash your hands frequently
  • Avoid touching your eyes, nose, and mouth.
  • Don’t get close to anyone who has cold or flu-like symptoms.
  • Clean frequently touched objects and surfaces.
  • Cover your cough or sneeze with a tissue, then throw the tissue in the trash.
  • Notify your work if your schedule needs to change

Communicate with your team, ask for their opinions, create Pols, ask for feedback on how well the situation is being handled. Beacuse Coronavirus could be transmitted easily from one individual to another or even from an animals’ interaction. So, maintain social distance and follow the local government rules to keep yourself, family and co-workers, safe.

Pazo hope Coronavirus Preparedness Checklist will help you and your Co-workers safe from COVID-19.

Before spreading awareness, let’s educate ourselves because spreading the right information is as important as protecting ourselves. 


Restaurant Management Checklist: Answer To All Operational Problems

Starting a restaurant business doesn’t ensure how successful it will be based on mere luck. Everything boils down to how consistent and efficient the restaurant is in providing customer satisfaction. Ineffective operations management causes almost 60% of restaurants to close down within the 1st year of opening. 

Whether you manage a single restaurant or several units, the multiple routine operations carried out need to have a system in place to take care of the day-to-day tasks and ensure that long-term operations function smoothly i.e Restaurant SOP

Restaurant management checklists are simple and are quite powerful in transforming how your restaurant operates. Restaurant checklists help your staff focus on operations more efficiently, ultimately allowing you to:

  • Drive compliance with internal standards
  • Streamline daily tasks and processes
  • Cut labor costs

Restaurant Management Checklist: Decoded

The restaurant management checklist can be divided into 6 parts based on the different operational aspects to be looked into on a daily basis:

1. Manager’s Duties Checklists: This includes manager duties during restaurant opening and closing, rush hour and shift changes. Some of the tasks included in the manager’s checklists are:

  • Manager’s Opening Checklist
  • Open the cash register and add the opening cash
  • Check inventory
  • Project the sales for the day
  • Check restrooms
  • Shift Change Checklist
  • Hand over all the necessary information to the next manager starting the shift
  • Manager’s Closing Checklist
  • Count the register
  • Check if staff are following the designated checklists
  • Check the detailed sales report for the day
  • Record the tips and allocate them to the appropriate employee
  • Check the stock utilized and available stock

2. Side Work Checklist: These set of checklists include tasks to be performed by the staff when the work hours are slow or when the restaurant closes for preparing for the next shift. Some of the common tasks involved are:

  • Front of the Restaurant Checklist
  • Clean the cutlery and arrange tables
  • Fold the napkins
  • Check if menus are on all the tables
  • Change the flowers to fresh ones, if they’re being used as decoration
  • Back of the Restaurant Checklist
  • Sharpen all the knives and refill all stations
  • Check the refrigerator temperatures 
  • Organise the fridge and storage rooms
  • Refill the spices and check the levels of critical food items in the inventory

 3. Kitchen Prep Work and Cleaning Checklist: These checklists are important in order to make sure hygiene is maintained, the dishes keep coming out without any delay. Some of the tasks that go into these checklists are:

  • Kitchen Prep Work
  • Clean and chop the vegetables
  • Prepare all the sauces in advance
  • Marinate the fish and meat
  • Keep the broth prepared
  • Cleaning Checklist
  • Clean all the stations and chopping area
  • Keep all extra food away
  • Have all the knives and utensils in the appropriate places

4. Server’s Checklist: These checklists include duties to be performed by the servers before the service begins, during shift change and while closing the restaurant. Some of them are:

  • Opening Checklist
  • Ensure that the floor is clean and dry
  • Have all the tables clean with fresh table cloths and napkins
  • Place menu on every table
  • Shift Change Checklist
  • Inform important happening of the day to new servers coming in for the next shift
  • Closing Checklist
  • Add notes for servers in the opening shift

5. Bartender’s Checklist: This checklist is a must for restaurants with an in-house bar and includes duties of the bartender at different times of the day like:

  • Bartender Checklist
  • Check total sales for the day
  • Record number of bottles taken from the stock
  • Damages to the bottles
  • Checking stock available for the next day

6. Marketing Checklist: this checklist is important as it focuses on tasks related to marketing happening within the restaurant. Some of the tasks they focus on are:

  •  In-house Marketing Checklist
  • Monitor comments on social media
  • Check restaurant reviews
  • Post photos of dishes and the ambiance
  • Research new vendors, equipment, products, services etc.

Consistency and service quality can be easily maintained by automating routine operation checklists. In fact, Hartford Business has stated that maintaining checklists, especially for recurring tasks, is the most effective method to track operational efficiency. 

Having daily checklists for the different roles and departments ensure that your restaurant is efficient, up-to-date and organized. It also makes it easier for staff to plan their day and even train new employees by easily referring to the checklists assigned to them.

PAZO Solutions For Operational Efficiency And Customer Satisfaction

a. Front Office Task Lists & Audits

Ensure that no tasks are missed during the day with checklists scheduled at designated intervals to be submitted by the assigned staff on duty

b. SOP Adherence

Why rely on SOPs maintained on paper that gives no clear picture if they’re being adhered to on a daily basis? Maintain quality and consistency in every task carried out with the help of digital checklists and reports.

c. Housekeeping Operations

Easy to complete checklists, with image upload, to ensure that cleanliness is maintained throughout the hotel, all day long.

d. Security And Patrol

Unique QR codes can be assigned to locations for patrolling, to ensure accountability and maintain security all throughout the premises

e. Customer Feedback

Continue delivering customer satisfaction by improving operations with feedback provided by customers during their stay.

f. Strategize Critical Assets, Operate Effectively

With a detailed analytics dashboard, keep a track of performance, customer feedback, issues raised and resolved, etc in order to improve operations.

Running a hotel efficiently requires constant efforts to provide the best customer experience while ensuring that the employees are happy as well. Don’t be swamped with pages of written reports, missed checklists, and continuous follow-ups to have tasks completed on time. With PAZO, you can now digitize your daily operations at every hotel while ensuring there is no compromise on brand standards, quality, efficiency, productivity, and customer satisfaction.

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Head Cashier Pre-Opening Checklist 2020

Here’s a quick sample of pre-opening checklist head-cashiers can follow before starting the store transactions for the day.

Pre-Opening procedures checklist

S.noChecklist Check Action
1Day Opening Process adhered to by cashiers?Yes / No
2Cashiers following grooming standards?Yes / No
3Picture of Cashier
Image Upload
4Cash till cleaned and without any merchandise, hanger or unwanted material?Yes / No
5Picture of Cash TillImage Upload
6Q managers in Place- Airport queue is in ProcessYes / No
7Take relevant pictureImage Upload
8Hard Tag detachers locked and SealedYes / No
9Picture of sealed detacherImage Upload
10Alteration desk and one Tailor should be present 10 mins before store openingYes / No
11Float Cash and other stationary kit is ready to handover to CashiersYes / No
12Staff purchase slip and register checked for the previous dayYes / No
13Two random counter check of cashiersYes / No
14Head-cashier’s nameEnter Name
15Head-cashier's mobile numberEnter Mobile Number

This generic cashier pre-opening checklist can be scheduled to recur based on store-opening timings and the manager can customise it by adding more questions or modifying the existing ones according to your brand standards, processes and conditions.

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Merchandising Checklist For Retailers 2020

Merchandising Checklist For Retailers

As a retailer, having well-arranged store outlets make it easier for both customers and the store teams. Visual merchandising has many levels of displaying and placing the right items at the right place. 

Retail store inspection checklist

Use this sample checklist to take your visual merchandising to the next level, without missing out on important steps:

S.noChecklist Check Action
1Is signage clearly visible to passing pedestrians and traffic?Yes / No
2Are store hours up to date and visible?
Yes / No
3Do window displays feature the latest campaign?
Yes / No
4Are the windows in good condition and clean?Yes / No
5Are the windows well lit with product highlighted after closing hours?Yes / No
6Is the signage current and in good condition?Yes / No
7Is the signage/exterior clean?Yes / No
8Is external building clean and well lit?Yes / No
9Is the parking clearly marked?Yes / No
1Is the latest campaign setup near the front of the store?Yes / No
2Are all aisles clutter-free?Yes / No
3Does the store layout aid customer traffic flow?Yes / No
4Is the store well lit?Yes / No
5Is the lighting positioned for maximum impact?Yes / No
6Is the product easily accessible?Yes / No
7Is product signage clearly visible and in good condition?Yes / No
8Are wall displays effectively utilized?Yes / No
9Are hotspots used strategically for high-margin impulse SKUs?Yes / No
10Do staff at the main counter have a good view of the store at all times?Yes / No
11Is the main counter clutter-free?Yes / No
12Are potential blind spots identified and managed?Yes / No
13Are all print collateral readily available for customers to take?Yes / No
14Are all fixtures and surfaces clean and well maintained?Yes / No
15Has the layout been updated at least once in the last year?Yes / No
1Are shelves fully stocked and not cluttered?Yes / No
2Are there any product holes in displays?Yes / No
3Is the product easily found in the appropriate area?Yes / No
4Is the product easily found in the appropriate area?Yes / No
5Were correct planograms used for the location and category?Yes / No
6Is the number of “facings” appropriate to allow an optimum number of different SKUs?Yes / No
7Are all products “fronted” correctly?Yes / No
8Are all products priced correctly?Yes / No
9Are signage and shelf wobblers used effectively and in good condition?Yes / No
10Are heavy or bulky items stored on lower shelves for safety?Yes / No
11Is product restocked completely at regular intervals?Yes / No
1Can displays be understood in 5 seconds or less?Yes / No
2Is there a clear call to action in the signage?Yes / No
3Are promotions current and consistent with company directives?Yes / No
4Are all displays in “like new” condition?Yes / No
5Are bulk floor displays positioned correctly and safely?Yes / No
6Are stand-alone displays maintained and re-stocked daily?Yes / No
7Are the “specials” baskets displaying prices clearly and positioned in hot spot zones?Yes / No
1Does the staff look professional and are easily identified?Yes / No
2Have the staff received adequate product training?Yes / No
3All staff have good customer service and selling skills?Yes / No
4All staff know and have been assigned daily housekeeping responsibilities?Yes / No
5All staff understands the industry and customer needs?Yes / No
6Does staff demonstrate product knowledge when asked?Yes / No

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Hotel Duty Manager Checklist

The hotel duty manager checklist is a quick and easy way to make sure that everything and everyone in the hotel are in top condition.

Hotel duty manager checklist

S.noChecklist Check Action
1Security guard on duty well-trainedYes / No
2All employees hygienic and well-groomedYes / No
3All employees in proper uniformYes / No
4All employees wearing name tagsYes / No
5All employees aware of emergency proceduresYes / No
6All employees trained in process, rules and regulationsYes / No
1Entry and Exit gates and front porch cleanYes / No
2Hotel Entrance cleanYes / No
3All signages cleanYes / No
4All lights in the premises in place and workingYes / No
5Lobby entrance cleanYes / No
6CCTV cameras clear and in good working conditionYes / No
1Clean glass doors and windowsYes / No
2Clean plantersYes / No
3Public toilets clean and sanitizedYes / No
4Public toilets - tissues and hand papers in placeYes / No
5Reception counter clean and clutter freeYes / No
6Proper signage clear and visibleYes / No
1Entrance clean and unobstructedYes / No
2Glass doors and windows smudge freeYes / No
3Floors, hallways, ceilings clean and damage freeYes / No
4Chairs and tables all setYes / No
5Clean utensilsYes / No
6Public toilets clean and sanitizedYes / No
7Public toilets - tissues and hand papers in placeYes / No
8Food tags in placeYes / No
9Food replenishment done at regular intervalYes / No
1Kitchen facilities cleanYes / No
2Staff well groomed, hygienic and in proper uniform
Yes / No
1Glass door to pool smudge free and cleanYes / No
2Swimming pools has clean waterYes / No
3Pool deck cleanYes / No
4Towels are availableYes / No
5Public toilets clean and sanitizedYes / No
6Public toilets - tissues and hand papers in placeYes / No
7Public showers clean and sanitizedYes / No
8Public showers' toiletries availableYes / No
1Appealing ambianceYes / No
2Rooms have a relaxing scentYes / No
3Clean facilitiesYes / No
1Clean floorYes / No
2Smudge-free mirror and glassYes / No
1Doors working properlyYes / No
2Light switches worksYes / No
3Window glass clean and damage freeYes / No
4Drapes straight and working properlyYes / No
5Controls for air conditioning/heat work properlyYes / No
6Air conditioning filter cleanYes / No
7Lampshades clean and straightYes / No
8Beds correctly madeYes / No
9Fluffed/even pillowsYes / No
10Bedspreads straightYes / No
11Mattress firmYes / No
12Bedspread free of rips and stainsYes / No
13Upholstery clean and in good conditionYes / No
14Furniture free from scratches or stainsYes / No
15Walls clean and free of cobwebsYes / No
16Walls free from scratches and nicksYes / No
17Luggage racks in good conditionYes / No
18Pictures and Mirrors straightYes / No
19Telephone workingYes / No
20Clean ashtraysYes / No
21Furniture drawers slide out easilyYes / No
1All cars parked properlyYes / No
2Parking area clean
Yes / No
3All trash bins clean and in placeYes / No
4Garbage segregated and collectedYes / No
1Staff entrance clean
Yes / No
2Staff washrooms cleanYes / No
3Staff locker room cleanYes / No
4Employee biometrics and time logs in proper working conditionYes / No

This generic hotel walk-through checklist can be scheduled to recur based on shift timings and the manager can customize it by adding more questions or modifying the existing ones according to your brand standards, processes and conditions.

Service quality is the life of the hotel when it comes to customer satisfaction.

manager checklist

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Building Exteriors Inspection Checklist – Building Exterior Checklist

Building Exteriors Inspection Checklist will provide you all the required tasks which should be completed on an everyday basis at the right and scheduled time.

The ‘Yes’  or ‘No’ option can be recorded and analyzed for any of the below checklist questions for Facility team workers or any facility management team which represents all the immediate and necessary tasks required to follow-up or you can take any required action to assign priority tasks.

This Building Exteriors Inspection Checklist non-exhaustive and non-mandatory in nature. The facility management supervisor or the management staff who take care of the facility operations at the workplace can make the necessary customizations like adding more questions or removing/modifying the existing questions that suit the company work processes and conditions.

Building inspection checklist pdf

Here, you can check out a few sample questions for the Inspection Checklist.


S.noChecklist Check Action
1Is there graffiti on the building exterior?Yes / No
2Is there grass growing in roof gutters or the other gutter damage?Yes / No
3Are there cracks or damage on building walls or building wall joints?Yes / No
4Is there graffiti on bullet holes, broken window or doors or other damage to storefronts?Yes / No
5Are there fingerprints on windows or doors?Yes / No
6Is tenant signage in good condition?Yes / No
7Are tenant banners and advertising appropriate and in good condition?Yes / No
8Is lighting above tenant space?Yes / No
9Are overhangs damaged(dry rot, broken conduit, lighting, sprinklers?Yes / No
10Are fire sprinklers damaged or have parts missing?Yes / No
11Are there cobwebs?Yes / No


Here, we have attached the Inspection Checklist which we render to our clients for their routine offices/malls or stores/apartments Facility inspections and other related tasks. The Checklist is comprehensive and it thoroughly ensures that no SOP or any other task procedures are being missed.

You can utilize this as good training material to make the workers accountable for every operation in the organization. This will help the facility managers or supervisors to understand and examine the scheduled tasks of the employees.

We hope this Building Exteriors Inspection Checklist gives you a detailed approach to how the facility-related operations have to be done in your organization.

Building Exteriors Inspection Checklist

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