Sodexo Sase Study

40 Man-Hours saved per site per day10% increase in operational efficiency
$1000 saved per site per day20% decrease in breakdown costs

Industry: Facility ManagementCustomer Since: August,2017HQ: Issy-les-Moulineaux, FranceCompany Size: Presence in 55+ Countries, 420K+ employeesUse Cases:-Checklist compliance and automation-Enabling operational transparency-Enhancing audit preparednessMain Challenges:-Unable to ensure compliance -Disconnected teams -Laborious record retrieval

Founded in 1966, Sodexo is one of the world's largest multinational corporations, with 420,000 employees that represent 130 nationalities and are present on 34,000 sites in 55 countries. Sodexo's vast scale exemplifies its commitment to diversity and the ability to deliver a broad range of food services and facility management capabilities to clients globally.

“Our search for a technological solution aimed at instilling stringent discipline within our operational framework across all sites led us to Pazo. It’s the perfect fit!”
Operational Excellence Lead, Sodexo

Sodexo, renowned for its exceptional work ethic and service quality, faced challenges in ensuring consistent adherence to their operational protocols. The primary issue lay in the manual completion of quality control checklists, which are crucial for maintaining high standards of cleanliness in client facilities. Reports of dissatisfaction from clients highlighted a gap in the execution of Sodexo's rigorous maintenance schedules, leading to a reevaluation of their process management. Investigations pointed to the practice of filling out checklists either too early or only after tasks were supposed to be completed, raising concerns over the authenticity of task completion and compliance. This realization prompted Sodexo to seek a digital solution to streamline their operations, enhance transparency, and uphold their commitment to delivering top-tier service by ensuring tasks are performed accurately and on time.


  • The company is unable to ensure genuine compliance.
  • Requirement for continuous human supervision.
  • Reliance of security, engineering, and housekeeping teams on pen-and-paper checklists.
  • Impedance to communication due to over dependence on Whatsapp, Emails and calls.
  • Laborious record retrieval hindered the communication of the real problem.
  • Paper-based record-keeping clashed with three-year audit compliance needs.
  • Significant managerial time spent on operations review.
  • Couldn’t verify timely completion of checklists
  • Difficulty in asset and contract management.

“Life has become easy as work is very well divided and processes can be tracked easily from Head Office leading to great visibility and confidence.”
Account Director, Sodexo

The Pazo Solution

Seamless Checklist Integration and Immediate Action

In just 48 hours, PAZO was seamlessly integrated, revolutionizing checklist compliance by ensuring tasks are executed by the designated personnel, at the correct location and time. This swift implementation was further bolstered by real-time alerts facilitated through strategically positioned QR codes.

A Leap into Digital Efficiency

Transitioning from traditional paper checklists to PAZO's digital platform catalyzed a significant shift towards enhanced operational discipline and a comprehensive review process. This digital leap meant moving away from sporadic sampling to regular, detailed evaluations of all procedures.

Boosting Responsibility and Precision

PAZO's detailed escalation matrix and its capability for frequent, precise procedure reviews have fortified accountability. This structure guarantees that any tasks not carried out receive immediate attention, thereby smoothing out operational wrinkles efficiently.

Clear Visibility and Centralized Control

With the introduction of visual confirmation features and a unified monitoring dashboard, PAZO has unlocked unparalleled transparency and governance over campus-wide operations, ensuring every task is under constant, vigilant oversight.

Sodexo Sase Study