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Systematising approach to recording completed tasks.
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Streamline Ad Hoc requests with custom retail checklists.
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Lack of digital records
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proof of work completion
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Adhoc requests
About BATA

Bata- Founded in 1894, Bata is a global footwear leader with a legacy spanning over a century. With more than 30,000+ employees representing various nationalities across 70 countries, Bata stands as a testament to enduring quality and innovation in the footwear industry. This vast network underscores Bata's commitment to diversity and its capability to offer a wide array of footwear and accessories to customers worldwide, embodying a blend of traditional craftsmanship and modern design.

Bata, a leading footwear retail company with a vast network of over 5000 stores, sought a solution to empower their store teams as brand ambassadors. Facing operational challenges, they aimed to enhance transparency and data-driven decision-making. With PAZO, Bata achieved operational efficiency, strategically investing in optimising procedures and fostering sustainability. This transformation aligns with Bata's quest for a new approach to empower their store teams. PAZO provided Bata with a global digital community, empowering store employees, ensuring a consistent customer experience, and facilitating improved sales conversion for retail excellence

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PAZO has proven to be an excellent investment for our organization. Personally, I find the tag feature to be particularly valuable. It allows me to efficiently tag both individual users and groups, enabling seamless communication. The ability to assign triggers to everyone at once enhances our workflow and ensures a coordinated approach."

Excellence Manager, BATA


Lack of Digital Records
Bata initially grappled with the absence of digital records in their retail operations. The reliance on manual, paper-based systems, especially the store diary, hindered clarity and visibility for the head office.
Proof of Work
Bata faced difficulties establishing clear proof of work completion, relying on word-of-mouth communication for task verification. The lack of a systematic approach to recording completed tasks led to challenges in accountability and transparency.
Ad Hoc Requests
Bata often received ad-hoc requests via WhatsApp, which created problems in tracking, sorting, and verifying images and information. Managing and tracking relevant data like timing and source of these requests posed difficulties.

The Pazo Solution

PAZO transformed Bata's daily retail operations, replacing traditional diaries with real-time workflows and checklists. The transition improved accessibility and offered crucial insights.Integrated features such as audit and ticketing, geo-tags, and Live Photos provided concrete proof of work, empowering managers with personalised dashboards.

Digital Records
PAZO addressed this challenge by digitising retail operations. The transformation began with digitising the store diary into checklists, workflows, triggers and flags, reducing paper costs, and providing real-time data on store operations. This shift to a digital interface significantly improved the accessibility of information, offering clarity and real-time insights.
Proof of Work
PAZO offers an integrated audit and ticketing feature, complemented by geo-tags and Live Photos to verify tasks executed in the correct location and at the designated time. The availability of this data has enabled the development of tailored dashboards and reports, providing a consolidated perspective of retail operations. These tools empower store managers, area managers, and franchise owners, elevating decision-making and establishing a thorough proof of work.
Ad Hoc Requests
PAZO streamlined ad-hoc requests by introducing a customised retail checklist for each store. This checklist covered various aspects, including opening and closing procedures, salestracking, and staff attendance. The platform also included an operations tracker, enabling them to monitor the progress of field trainers and ensure they remained on track. These features collectively enhanced the efficiency of retail operations and provided real-time updates, addressing the challenges associated with ad-hoc requests.

Bata transitioned from manual record-keeping to a digital, data-driven approach by adopting PAZO. It improved efficiency, transparency, and overall sustainability. The investment in PAZO didn't just save costs but also enhanced the company's operational excellence, improved customer experience, and ensured competitiveness in the retail industry.


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Real-time visibility and clarity in operations.
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Increased efficiency through digitization of manual processes.
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Facilitating data-driven decisions.
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Better performance tracking through customised dashboards and reports.
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Improved training and support for different departments.
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