About Us

Enabling over 10,000 deskless workforce around the world to do their best every day

With Pazo, improve the efficiency of the deskless workforce, enable a great customer experience and improve the overall efficiency of the organization.

Pazo was started in 2015 by our co-founders Zoeb Itarsiwala, Sharjeel Ahmed and Hasan Ali Kanba, accelerated by Techstars Bangalore. We’re an award-winning company that works with 50+ enterprises across APAC, empowering their deskless workforce like never before.

How we built Pazo


Build a product for the people, then the problem:

We believe that any product built to revolutionize the way we work must be built with people at the center of it. Deskless workers appreciate simplicity, ease of use and a product that never fails them. We built just that- a task-management system that truly empowers the deskless workforce.


Always be experimenting, and innovate for the customer:

Many years ago, Pazo was started as an NFC-based technology that enterprises could use to manage their security guards better at night. 6 years later, we’re now helping companies manage their entire deskless workforce 24×7 on mobile, and across multiple locations.


We’re all about the customer:

We first work towards ensuring we have the best support team to help our customers 24×7. Operations are always time-critical, and we never want you to lose a moment that could prevent you from giving your customers the best experience. Our product evolves every day too, with our design and engineering teams working towards making it more intuitive and powerful at the same time.

our active founders

Sharjeel Ahmed

With over 15 years of total experience in the software industry with companies like Microsoft, Adobe, etc., he is a true technologist at heart. With deep knowledge in the field of NFC & NFC-related products, he comes with expertise in tracking efficiencies and ensuring it’s application brings true accountability organization-wide. With past entrepreneurial experience, Sharjeel is leading Pazo from the technology perspective, leading the most capable engineering & product team to bring out a great application our customers can rely on.

Hasan Ali Kanba

Hasan comes with over 10 years of experience in business strategy, planning, and execution across various sales and marketing roles. Before starting Pazo, he was an integral part of a couple of startups that have successfully raised money and exited as well. With a driven personality and conviction making operations productivity transparent, accountable and reliable- he is solving business problems every day, as the voice and face of Pazo.

Advisory board

Zoeb Itarsiwala

Zoeb being one of the co-founders of the company is a businessman by heart having run multiple businesses in various aspects of technology and traditional ones.

Raj Shah

Raj has a Bachelors from London School of Economics and Masters from University College London. He has 10+ years of experience in leading various businesses across segments of real estate, healthcare, education etc.

Nikhil Shroff

Nikhil Shroff is a Mumbai-based entrepreneur and investor with a keen eye for opportunities in the financial markets along with a 25 year old experience in the real-estate market.

Nilesh Jain

Nilesh Jain is an Alumni of Carnegie Mellon University, he is a serial entrepreneur and a strategy advisor for emerging entrepreneurs and start-ups.



What drives us

Challenging norms, transcending previously set benchmarks and helping businesses achieve new records in establishing operational efficiencies is the core of how we operate. Great operations management is a barometer of an organization’s success. We’re obsessed with ensuring that for you, by helping your deskless workforce build muscle that firsthand starts to drive innovation.

what makes us

Since inception, we’ve always wanted to figure out a way to make the deskless workforce drive innovation. We ensure companies have that visibility as if the leadership were on the ground themselves, thus being able to innovate in the way they run with each completed task.

Awards and recognition