Impact Of Deskless Workforce In The Future Of Businesses

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Impact Of Deskless Workforce In The Future Of Businesses

Behind every successful industry,  are numerous deskless workforce that drive the operations forward.  Not everybody around the globe sits at a workstation completing a 9-5 job.  The vast majority of working individuals fit into this category which in fact is, as per official figures, about 80% of the total workforce!

The deskless workforce work in  varied environments unlike fixed desk workers who generally have a fixed schedule and clear understanding of the standard operating procedures that they are required to do. And that’s why fixed standard operating procedure checklists alone don’t help then get the job done. Anyone working with deskless workers would know that they have their own frustrations that prevent them in fully engaging with their work and official figures convey the same story.

Research shows that in the US, only 56% of the deskless workers feel connected and engaged to their work. The number could be a little bit higher depending on where you come from but it’s more or less the same scenario. The official figures also show that only $3 billion of the $300 billion business technology market is invested in deskless technology.  Why is this crucial gap so underfunded? While we won’t get into the nitty-gritty of this question, we’ll certainly show you how our task management tool can be used by the deskless workforce to eliminate their frustrations.

The deskless workforce face unique challenges

Deskless workers are always on the move, be it within premises or between different geographical locations. But this can cause them to be at different areas at times where help may not be readily available to them and at such times they may not even understand what they are expected to do.

Hierarchy of workplaces can make it difficult for these workers to reach out to their managers and ask for assistance or help and calling each and every person or texting them through whatsapp may not be the most efficient way to go about it.

That’s why there is a need for a  platform that allows them to  connect easily to anyone with their mobile .

But when they do complete a task, how do managers know that every task was done as per the standard operating procedure?

For all managers know, they might have just been confused or misinformed about the procedures making them unable to properly execute their tasks as per the standards.

So what if there was a tool that could give managers visibility on checklist responses, updates on progress of tasks every step of the way and also provide the deskless workers with digitized checklists with the capability to communicate, collaborate with teams as they do each of these tasks? The same tool will also keep their work environment more clear, positive and that in the long run will mean better employee retention for the company. Seems like a win-win, doesn’t it?

Why should you invest more on the deskless workforce?

Since 80% of the world’s workers are deskless, it only makes sense to! Among them, almost 75%  are millennials.  As today’s millennials are so much more adaptable to rapidly growing technology,  providing them with the right  digital solution can  improve your productivity within a much faster time span!

The key is not only to be able to provide an easy-to-use software, but only one that is a permanent solution. Deskless technology impacts every organization and employee internally. Enhanced productivity levels of employees increases company’s profits. Furthermore, a positive employee experience leads to higher retention rates.

The deskless workforce will keep increasing as the days go by and the value of deskless software is indisputable as there is still a  lot of hidden potential to unleash!

How PAZO Empowers the deskless workforce:

With the help of PAZO, you will gain visibility and control over your daily business operations, across all your multi-location sites, when consistency plays a crucial part. Here’s how we help you with:

  • Communication: Ensure clear and effective communication between departments at individual sites and the head office. Coordinate task assignment and completion, surveys, feedback and compliance across all branches
  • Execution: Equip your staff with PAZO to have them work smarter and with more efficiency. Assign tasks, monitor completion times and increase accountability.
  •  Insights: Get real-time insights on operations at every site, on a personalised dashboard to ensure visibility and consistency. Know how individual sites are performing and reduce issues and resolution times.
    Here’s how different industries use PAZO, search for your industry to know how it can help you:


    Customer delight is extremely important when it comes to the hospitality industry. Pazo helps you in:

  • Audits: Ensure that all departments operate up to mark as per the Food safety standards, with centralized checklists that can be monitored in one place, saving time and effort.
  • Consumption Metering: Real-time insights from restaurant outlets help you understand if resources are consumed efficiently and allow you to make the necessary changes needed in order to have the best results
  • Staff Grooming: Customer Delight begins at the front end. With the help of detailed checklists and the ability to attach photographs to the reports, uniformity among the staff at every restaurant outlet can be maintained effortlessly
  • Maintenance Request: Raise a ticket to the maintenance department, at the tap of a few buttons to ensure that everything is fixed in the shortest time possible and no customer is left with a poor experience
  • PCI Checks: PCI checks are crucial to reduce data breaches or other security problems when card payments are made. With PAZO you will be able to keep a track of compliances required by every restaurant you operate.
  • Food Safety Compliance Audit: Food Safety is the most important factor in restaurants. A quick, easy to understand checklist ensures that quality and safety is maintained in the kitchen at all times
  • SOP Adherence: Why rely on SOPs maintained on paper that gives no clear picture if they’re being adhered to on a daily basis? Maintain quality and consistency in every task carried out with the help of digital checklists and reports.
  • Housekeeping Operations: Easy to complete checklists, with image upload, to ensure that cleanliness is maintained throughout the hotel, all day long.
  • Security And Patrol: Unique QR codes can be assigned to locations for patrolling, to ensure accountability and maintain security all throughout the premises
  • Customer Feedback: Continue delivering customer satisfaction by improving operations with feedback provided by customers during their stay.


    Maintain brand standards, boost sales and provide consistent customer satisfaction across all your retail outlets with PAZO helping you with:

  • Easy Communication: Task management and internal communication between teams at individual stores and the head office make operations more efficient and transparent. Synchronise task assignment and completion, surveys, feedback and compliance across all outlets
  • Store Audits And Compliances audits: Area Managers can now easily monitor store operations and ensure that there is consistency in brand standards and compliances. Be it daily store checklist, housekeeping checklist, safety audit checklist, stock audit checklist or retail performance review, with a personalised dashboard, get consolidated data or routine operations including task completion efficiency, issue resolutions and reporting
  • Visual Merchandising  Implementation: Easy checklists with photo uploads allow you to keep track of product placement and display, complete with the aesthetics and ambiance to ensure that customers have the best shopping experience in all your stores.
  • Store Opening and Closing: Define routine operations run efficiently without any glitches with scheduled checklists, especially for store opening and closing. With tasks assigned to the right people at the right time, field managers can track execution standards and accountability.
  • Documents and Training: Maintain brand standards by training staff across all stores and having the resources and issues documented. With PAZO, documents in the form of images, videos, PDFs etc. can be uploaded and shared with the right users and departments.

    Facility Management

    Maintain brand standards and consistency across all the multi-site facilities you operate by making maintenance teams more productive. Use PAZO for:

  • Asset maintenance: Save time and resources by digitising your tracking processes. Have tasks assigned to the field workforce through easy and detailed checklists to rest assured that all critical assets are maintained in optimal condition.
  • Issue and Breakdown reporting: Report issues and breakdowns with location and images with real-time insights. Ensure that the department resolves the issue in the shortest time to ensure customer satisfaction. Tenants in the facilities can also raise issues to the management team with ease.
  • Workshift management: Manage tasks assigned to departments and individual users by setting up work shift schedules. Track and optimise work  hours, task completion and handle unexpected changes easily, with PAZO.
  • Communication: Streamline internal communication between teams at individual sites and the head office. Send messages in group or private conversations, keep everyone informed and ensure tasks are completed and issues are resolved.
  • Helpdesk Management: Collaborate with departments or interact with individual employees to categorize, assign and resolve issues faster and more effectively.
  • Compliances: Monitor facility operations and ensure that there is consistency in brand standards and compliances. With a personalised dashboard, get consolidated data or routine operations including task completion efficiency, issue resolutions and reporting
  • MIS Reports: Get advanced reports on tasks completed, facility performance, issues raised and resolved etc. to evaluate routine activities or issues raised, make decisions, and track progress.

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