Sodexo Used PAZO Task Management software

Case Study

Sodexo Used PAZO Task Management software

Sodexo is now able to resolve inconsistencies across its store experiences faster and more efficiently using PAZO task management software

Founded in 1966, Sodexo is one of the world’s largest multinational corporations, with 420,000 employees that represent 130 nationalities and are present on 34,000 sites in 80 countries.


Sodexo has been known for its commitment to work and living up to its high standards of quality work. However when there are processes that need to be followed by people it sometimes becomes challenging to get the same level of commitment and lead task management effectively.

On a couple of occasions, there were escalations from clients on the output of cleaning service in their washrooms despite keeping aggressive frequencies in place.

Upon conducting the process scheduling study by PAZO, there was an observation made that checklists were filled either in advance or at the end of the day in one go.

So there was no absolute confidence if the cleaners were actually following the required frequency or were it just a tick in the box exercise.


The above problem made the management teams think of a suitable & right technology solution (for task management) as 1 supervisor cannot be omnipresent all the time.

That is when PAZO was introduced to client ‘campuses to bring in the required discipline in work culture. Every day myriads of the standard operating procedures had to be performed at the facilities apart from the washroom checklists’ compliance. The staff from various departments such as Security Guards, Engineering, and also Housekeeping filled multiple checklists through pen and paper.

Apart from the timing, it was the adherence of the checklists in terms of the time, it was also about the right person filling it from the right place and the right person reviewing it. It was difficult to have a single person being able to be there at all places to review the content with which there was no confidence in the entire adherence to the set procedures.

With all the task management procedures being followed on paper-based formats, it was a difficult task to maintain and store all the records. A bigger problem was to store the records for a mandatory period of 3 years as per the audit guidelines. Also, paper-based registers made it difficult to pull up historical records whenever needed. Concerns highlighted on the paper-based reports did not reach the right authorities at most of the instances.

At an average, every manager was spending 2-3 hrs of time for reviewing the work and in terms of following up with the staff for completing the work.

All the internal communication was completely driven on WhatsApp, through Emails and phone calls which made it difficult to track and make effective business decisions. As the sites had a lot of assets, it was a challenge to keep a track on the AMC’s


One important goal was to ensure the adherence of the checklists by all the departments from the right place and time from the right individuals. To achieve this goal PAZO was made life in a record time of 2 days.

It offered the key advantage of ensuring the staff gets the real-time notification to do the work from the designated positions through the help of QR codes that were strategically fixed. The feature of allowing visual proofs to be captured in real-time gave a lot of visibility for all the operations that were performed through task management software.

Monitoring all the facilities pan India from a single place now became a reality.

Nowadays, the employees at Sodexo turn to the PAZO Apps whenever they had to fill in a paper-based checklist. With increased employee discipline, PAZO offers real-time feedback for all the sites when something is not done in the way it has to be. While the checklists used to be randomly reviewed with small samples, PAZO makes it possible to automatically review ALL the checklists. Supervisors at Sodexo are now able to review ALL procedures frequently and accurately with 100% certainty.

The real-time aspect of PAZO software solution (task management software) enabled Sodexo to create an escalation matrix that informs supervisors instantly whenever procedures haven’t been completed by the respondent at the right time. Subsequently, Sodexo is now able to resolve inconsistencies across its store experiences faster and more efficiently using PAZO task management software.

The Benefits

  • Real-time visibility of all procedures at levels of hierarchy, instead of multiple days of delay.
  • Early notification of lapses to the right stakeholders is leading to immediate actions by the next level.
  • 100% certainty over the procedures, instead of mere sample testing (no false positives anymore).