Security Measures Checklists – Building Access Checklist


Security Measures Checklists – Building Access Checklist

Security guard checklist renders all the basic tasks which should be taken care on a daily basis in the respective places at correct and scheduled time.

The ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ input types can be recorded for any of the below checklist questions for the security guard management checklist which will represent all immediate follow-up actions to assign immediate tasks. You can also check the tasks which have to be executed.

The Building Access Security Measures Checklist is applicable for:

  • Corporate Tech Parks
  • Restaurant Chains
  • Shopping Malls
  • Large Retail Stores
  • Airports
  • Security Guard Management Firms
  • Residential Apartments etc.

This Security Measures Checklists – Building Access Checklist is non-exhaustive and non-mandatory in nature. The users/admins or the management staff can take care of the everyday security operations at the office workplace and can make the necessary customization like adding more questions or removing/modifying the existing questions that suit the company work processes and conditions.

Building Access Security Measures Checklist

Check out a few sample questions for the Security Measures Checklists – Building Access Checklist.

S.noChecklist Check Action
1Are tenants informed of the building procedures for allowing access to visitors at the time of signing the lease (for example, only allow people they know into the building)?Yes / No
2Are laundry, kitchen, mechanical and storage rooms locked after normal business hours?Yes / No
3Are ladders, boxes, and other equipment put away after use so that they are not left for use by anyone intent on criminal behavior?Yes / No
4Are plants near entrances, windows, or sidewalks maintained at a height of two to three feet, or just below window level?Yes / No
5If a section of the building is open for use 24-hours a day, is movement from the open section to other sections of the building restricted?Yes / No

We have attached the security guard checklist that we give our clients for their routine office inspections and related tasks. The security guard checklist is thorough and ensures that no SOPs are being missed.

This can be used as good training material to make the workers accountable for every operation in the organization and helps the supervisors or managers to understand and examine the scheduled tasks of the security guards.

We hope this Building Access Security Measures Checklist gives a detailed approach to how the cleaning and safety operations to be done in your workplace.

Security Measures Checklists - Building Access Checklist