Stock Management | Ideas to Implement in Your Retail Store

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Stock Management | Ideas to Implement in Your Retail Store

Stock Management / Inventory Management

Stock management is the practice of tracking and controlling inventory. The main goal is to monitor and control the goods and stock so that new stock can be ordered as required to maintain the right numbers and quantities at all times.

To effectively control the stocks, proper stock management software may be required. With this, organizations may save costs associated with human errors. Stock management applies to every item a business uses to produce its products or services.

A stock management software will give a structured method of accounting for all incoming and outgoing inventory which will have a great impact on your business.

With Pazo’s Stock Room Management feature you can easily:-

– Retail inventory management on the Pazo Web and App.

– Track your inward and outward stock count.

– Download complete day-wise and site-wise reports.

Here are a few points on how it can help your business

  1. You can keep track of your stock in real-time 
  2. Analyze stock data any time and anywhere
  3. Plan the demand accurately with the available data 
  4. Avoid the shortage of stock
  5. Prevent excess storage of stock
  6. Manage stocks of multiple locations 
  7. Reduce the cost of management

Stock Room Management Best Practices:

Below mentioned are the details on how to manage the Stock Room on the Pazo Web App?

  • Stocks can be updated on a newly introduced stock room management page which can be found in the setup menu, the user is given an option to add stocks one by one or through bulk upload.

Stock Management

  • A mail trigger is auto-added on reorder quantity of stock item(s) i.e. when a reordered quantity goes below the specified limit, an auto-generated mail will be triggered to Site Admin(s) & Super Admin with the stock count when permissions are set. An email will be sent to the user on a daily basis until the stock is refilled.

Stock Management

  • Consolidated excel reports of the stock room can be downloaded by selecting the site and date. The downloaded report will display date wise consumption for all stock items.

how to maintain stock in excel sheet format

  • Users with “field user permissions” can perform Stock Inward & Outward operations from the Mobile App

How to update stock count on Pazo Mobile App?

  • Users with “field user permissions” can do a Stock Inward or Outward through Mobile App once a Stock Item has been added through WebApp
  • To manage stock, Click (+) icon on-site dashboard, visit a stock room and scan a location QR code from mobile app to perform an Inward or Outward operation of the stock.

Stock management

  • When a Location is scanned, the user can view the list of items and their availability in that Stock Room.

  • Users can do an Inward or Outward of the stock items from a StockRoom- Inward will allow users to add a quantity of an Item and Outward will allow users to subtract the quantity from the available stock.

Stockroom management

Have a look at the “Conditional logic in Checklists” Feature and let us know your thought in the comments below.