How Paper Based Processes Kills your Business Productivity?

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How Paper Based Processes Kills your Business Productivity?

Many enterprises waste a lot of time and money managing their daily operations, lowering the business productivity especially when they are driving through pen paper-based reporting. The juggle between tasks involving paper not only wastes time but also cost businesses thousands of dollars every year.

Management of businesses like retail chains, shopping malls, and large commercial facilities are dependent on paper-based processes as they are dealing with a large amount of manpower and operations running in multiple locations. This can quickly spiral out of control and affect business productivity.

paper based process slow down killing business productivity

6 Reasons how paper-based processes are killing your business productivity

Below mentioned are the top 6 problems with paper based systems. Also, find out the solution at the end of the article.:-

1. Keeping track of information, storage and filing documents

Of course, before everything was digitized, physical record-keeping was the best way to file and store any business information which also presented itself as a problem for even simple procedures like filling details within an invoice becoming more complex and time consuming with paper-based processes. Storing documents and retrieving them at the right time becomes hectic for any department or facility staff when your business has a large number of operations to work on. Paper-based processes make your work space crammed with a lot of cabinets and storage units for hundreds of sheets of paper.

Delays in Business processes and transactions resulting from tasks like printing documents or filing, searching and retrieving the physical documents when needed albeit necessary could result in loss of sales.

When your customer base is huge which is why going paperless can make a difference with the way you manage your business apart from which it can also transform your experience. You can experience for yourself how much good it feels when you note down something on a touchscreen of mobile or laptop as compared to a paper and carrying it with you as an asset.

When you can actually reduce the time spent in searching and retrieving documents, your business productivity and efficiency improve gradually.

2. Review or approving of work completed

Almost all Paper-based processes are usually mechanical in their process. Reviewing content or approving documents including daily task checklists, SOPs and likes of such take a chain of processes as employees in all levels of management need to revise the documents. This causes a lot of changes within the documents as it gets handed over from one employee to another.

In order for the response teams to be quicker with approval processes, Businesses need to do away with this protocol involving recurrent revisal of documents.

3. Safety and Security of data

We can never say either for paper documents or e-documents that it can be 100% protected from damage/ loss or theft of information. But compared to papers, e-documents are safer when it comes to storing and retrieving information whenever you need and result in business productivity. 

If the papers get mixed up with the wrong pile, it can end up in the garbage; the only thing for sure now is that there is an added expense to try and regain this lost information.

But with a digital document that’s full-text searchable, you’ll know in an instant where your information is stored.

Using password protection, it limits the access to important information to only the right people and allows your employees to safely collaborate on documents shared. Some digitization solutions give Cloud Protection on their shared documents ensuring that there is no way of losing any file shared with an employee in the organization.

4. Filling in details on paper-forms

Within various departments in businesses like Housekeeping, Facility or Security, an organization can have a huge list of task schedules for every employee in every department. The employee has to fill out the paper forms and hand it over to a supervisor who manually checks the person’s responses and takes steps to resolve the issues. This whole process takes hours of time as there are many employees in every department and the supervisor wouldn’t have the patience and time to study the performance of every task on paper.

The way advanced Digital processes have evolved over the past 5 years, it help keep track of task completions and report the status to the manager within no time which allocate more time for Supervisor or Manager to take corrective actions on the tasks which are done faulty.

5. Communication

At this age of rapidly evolving technology, sending emails are becoming outdated as there are numerous ways to communicate with anyone throughout the country. But as in the case of modern Businesses still using traditional methods like paper communication, the technological age can send your Business operations derailing it off the intended track. Imagine how hard it is to be needed to communicate with every manager if you want to start a marketing campaign in all of your branches across the country? Sending fax or letters can eat up all your time and effort giving you poor results.

A Digitized way of communication allows you to measure the progress of the same marketing campaigns and employee productivity of every branch, which makes people feel more efficient and accountable. Digitized processes standardize and simplify the necessary tasks that keep a business running smoothly over the time. Irrespective of the size of your business, going paperless can aid in speeding up your workflow.

6. No analytics or trends of past data.

Any data that is captured on paper cannot be analyzed for trends or preventive maintenance.  The only way to get trends and analytics would be by feeding the data in a computer and analyzing it via excel sheets which would be a waste of productivity and time.

With advanced analytical tools available which give accurate data, it is important that the data is directly captured in digital form instead of transmitting from paper to digital which is error-prone.

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