Pazo v7.4 Updated Version

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Pazo v7.4 Updated Version

We’ve been working hard on a few features that would make PAZO more efficient and more useful to you. We’re excited to introduce you to our newest features in (pazo v7.4) this blog here that has the important points.

Pazo v7.4 Mobile App:

1. New Issuer Dashboard

A New issuer/ requester dashboard – New issuer dashboard has been introduced with a better User Experience and enhanced User Interface. The issuer can see the list of

  • Open – Issues which are raised and No-action has been taken on them,
  • Completed – Issues which have been addressed but not yet closed,
  • Closed – Issues which are completed and no further action required on them and
  • All – List of all open, completed and deferred.

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2. Select Documents while responding in Chats

Document Upload in Tasks – Similar to the “Ask a Question” option in the communication feature, now “Create a task” also allows for asking Images/Documents from the users/respondents.

Users can respond by selecting a document from the phone.

Document Upload in Tasks

3. Raise Issues directly from Phone Gallery 

Now, PAZO v7.4 App supports sharing an Image from outside to PAZO for raising an Issue.

Users or the Issuer can select any relevant images from the gallery or from any external application which support sharing options like WhatsApp and raise an issue directly to the concerned department in Pazo App.

Raise Issues directly from Phone Gallery

Web App:

  1. Register Submissions from Web

This can be used as web log books where a user can enter any details such as Alphanumeric, Image, Date, Signature etc. It’s more convenient for the user to fill details in a tabular format which looks very similar to the view of the manual paper based register.

It also supports features such as copy-paste of text, autosave, press tab to navigate and submit the details entered.

Register Submissions from Web

2. Set schedules on specific dates at once for the whole year

A feature to add a Schedule for Specific Dates which don’t have a set recurring time. Currently, we have schedules which are recurring as daily, weekly, monthly or one more schedule which is Ad-hoc which doesn’t have any date and time.

Now, users can add a schedule for particular dates on particular time of the day (if required). This schedule will appear on the mobile App on these particular dates.

Set schedules on specific dates at once for the whole year

one time schedule checklist

3. Download Images Site wise

Now, Client Admins or users with Viewer/Manager rights have an option to download all Images from the respective sites from Image Gallery at once within a Single Folder or within multiple folders categorised by Site Names.

Download Images Site wise

4. Auto-closing of Issues

Now, all the completed and duplicate Issues can be allowed to close automatically by changing settings at Manage Issues Page. The minimum time to set auto close is at least 1 day.

Auto-closing of Issues

5. Introduced Audit-Trails

Audit Trail Feature is introduced to check any changes done recently (past one month) by the different admins. Currently Audit Trail shows log for Checklists, schedules and User Management. Audit Trail Section can be seen in the menu under “Manage” option.

audit trails in operations management

Introduced Audit-Trails

6. Raise Issues to Specific Departments

Now we can RESTRICT the departments to which issues are assigned. There is an option to assign Issues to selected departments at the Manage Issues Page. Users can select any number of departments as per their convenience. If any department is unchecked, users will not be allowed to assign issues to those departments.

assign issues to specific departments

7. Update on Site Groups

Now, If the user doesn’t have access to sites which are part of any site group, then Site Groups option will not be shown to that particular user anywhere.

When Site Groups are present

Update on Site Groups

The user can select the Site groups in the dashboard

Site groups in the dashboard

When the Site Groups are deleted

Site Groups are deleted

Site Group option will not be visible in the dashboard when no Site Group is present.

Site Group is present.