PAZO v7.3 Update

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PAZO v7.3 Update

Pazo v7.3 Mobile App Features:

  1. App UI Enhancements

Field App Dashboard revamped for better User Experience and a more pleasing User Interface. Users can see the Flags and Review pending on the App Dashboard.

Users will be able to see daily work status and other necessary information like submitted, missed and un-synced checklists data on the app dashboard. Users can see Open Issues, Approvals, Tasks, and Documents assigned to them.

Un-synced checklists can be identified easily on the dashboard.

App UI Enhancements Pazo v7.3

2. Notifications Page Added (Pazo v7.3)

A New Notifications Page has been added at the bottom right of the app dashboard, which will show the most recent Notifications List. Users will be notified for Checklists, Issues, Task approvals, Chats and Documents in real-time in Pazo v7.3.
Notifications Page Added in pazo v7.3

PAZO changing the way of business operations

Web App Features:

1. Adding users to site is now easy

Existing users can now be searched and added to a site easily by using Email and Phone Number. While searching, users from all other sites will appear in the search results, so that manager can easily view or add the user to the particular site. If no results are found, admin can easily add the new user instantly.

Adding users to site is now easy

Now the list of all users can be viewed with the exact count in the Manage Users Page. This feature is very helpful when admin wants to update any user permissions or wants to delete a user from the system.

Manage Users Page

2. Update user’s permissions across multiple sites

It’s easy to give or update permissions for any user with select all options for sites, user types, and departments. Admin can give same permissions to any user for selected sites and departments.

Update user’s permissions across multiple sites

3. Raise Issues directly from Images

Now issues can be raised directly from any images present on Image Gallery at the client level and site level. Raise issue option will take the admin to the new issues page and automatically attach the associated images in that particular checklist.

Raise Issues directly from Images

4. Escalations Timings can be customized

Escalation timings for checklist reminders can be set manually now for daily checklist schedules. Admins can set the preferred amount of time to get notified.

Escalations Timings can be customized

5. Web App UI Enhancements

Multi-Site Analytics dashboard UI enhancements. Everything can be drilled down to a List view.

Web App UI Enhancements

Checklists Graphs also be seen on the dashboard, where the admin can check the No. of checklists assigned and missed by drilling down the graph by date, site and by the department.

Checklists Graphs

6. Accessing Messages directly from Client level

Now, Client Admins can access the communication/messaging feature without navigating to a particular site.

Accessing Messages directly from Client level

7. Updated Image Download options

Now, all images can be downloaded at once as a ZIP file, by clicking on SELECT ALL Checkbox from Image Gallery at the client level and site level.

Updated Image Download options

8. Viewers can edit Email preferences

Viewers have access to manage email options for receiving email summaries such as site status, schedule status, and issue status emails.

Viewers can edit Email preferences

email preference editing

9. Excel Reports in emails when Flags raised

An excel report is sent as an attachment with daily site summary and multi-site emails for flagged answers. If no Flag is raised, no excel report is attached.

flags excel report

excel report flags

10. Issue Triggers customizations

Issues Triggers can now be added for a particular site rather than client level on Manage Issues page. So the admin can set the preference for any site from he wants to get the triggers.

issues trigger customizations

11. Save Checklists Download Options as Template

Users can save checklists reports as Templates and save them for later usage. It will store site groups, sites, checklists and fields data. The user can select the same template in future from the “Select a template” option.

Save Checklists Download Options as Template