Pazo 7.8 Updated to New Version

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Pazo 7.8 Updated to New Version

Mobile App

Pazo 7.8 updated new version
1. Introduced Image Gallery on PAZO Mobile App

With Pazo 7.8 Now, users with Site Admin or Viewer permissions can view all images submitted within a checklist across all sites at one place in the gallery menu. Flagged images and fields are also highlighted in the Gallery.

Image gallery on the mobile app image gallery view in pazo mobile app

Users have an option to share the Image to different apps such as Gmail, WhatsApp, etc. Users have an option to directly raise an issue on an image from the gallery itself, users have to open an image and click on raise issue button.

view image and raise issue

2. View Previous Days information on Mobile App (Pazo 7.8)

On Multi-Site View, now users are able to select dates & see the information for previous days. They can view information such as Schedules, Review Pending, and Flags. But open issues are counted till the present date.
Multi-Site view

Users can directly navigate to Schedules, Review Pending and Flags pages respectively and view the information for chosen dates respectively.

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Web App

  1. PAZO Help Knowledgebase
  • Now, there is a dedicated Help Section in PAZO. PAZO Help widget helps all web users to find the answers to their questions in the form of texts, images, and videos. This knowledge base will keep on updating its content from time to time so that users are can read about the updated feature descriptions, FAQs. There is an option to raise a ticket via an email or immediately chat with a PAZO support team member. Users may also visit to go through the full knowledge base. 

Helpscout Support

2. MIS reports inside Web App

  • A New Reports Page is added under checklists menu for downloading various reports in excel format. Reports such as submitted checklists zone Wise, Issues Site Wise, Issues Department Wise, Flags raised Site Wise, Flags raised Department Wise.
  • Users can select a Site Group, Sites and departments to filter accordIngly and download reports as per their needs.

MIS Reports

3. Locations Enhancement

Now, users have an option Download QR for the particular locations only instead of downloading all the QR Codes for all the Locations at once. Now, locations page UI has been made simple for better User Experience in Pazo 7.8.

Location Features Enhancement

4. Default Location created at the Time of Site Creation

  • Now, a location is created by default as soon as a new site is created
  • Location information such as city, coordinates & address are copied from the Site itself
  • A random six-character code is given to this location which can be edited later as per needs.

This location can be used for raising Issues, assigning schedules if required. This location can be edited and deleted at any time.

5. Now, in Checklist Graphs on Custom Dashboard users have an option to see Percentage change on Y-Axis

  • On the Custom Dashboard, while creating and editing a checklist graph, selecting the Y-axis user gets two options: Total and Percentage. Same is followed for the particular checklist. This will show the percentage change of the chosen option such as submitted and missed respectively on the bar graphs.

Custom graphs feature

6. User Tagging is now allowed in Schedule and Department Level Escalations

  • User Tagging is now allowed in Schedule Escalations and Department Escalations. Tags can be assigned in these escalations instead of giving names of each individual one by one.

user tagging improved

  • User Permissions such as Site Admin and Viewer (with departments) is checked before sending an escalation to enhance the security of the system.

improved user tagging in web app

7. Enhanced design for PDF download in communications

  • In Pazo 7.8, Task PDF design has been redesigned for a better cleaner look. Images are shown as thumbnails, all analytics such as users responded, sites responded are shown in a cleaner way for better user experience. This PDF download is available for person who created a task in communications.