Pazo v7.1 Update New Version

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Pazo v7.1 Update New Version

Pazo has updated its app new version Pazo v7.1 with splendid fetures.

Pazo v7.1 WebApp Features: 

  1. Chat Download – Now users can download any Chat or Communication created by them including messages, questions, approvals and tasks in PDF and XLS document Formats in Pazo v7.1.

Chat Download

  1. Checklist Submission from Web – Field users can now login to WebApp and will be able to View and Submit on Ad-hoc non-location checklists.

Checklist Submission from Web with pazo v7.1

Checklist Submission from Web Dashboard

  1. Grid View of Dashboard – User Interface (UI) Design was changed for Multisite Dashboard and Manage Site Emails sections. Multisite dashboard gives more precise details with Grid Design. Users can sort multi-site dashboard data based on columns either in ascending or descending.

Grid View of Dashboard

  1. Improvised Look of Manage Emails – Now, Managing Emails Section have a new design with new interface (Pazo v7.1). There you can manage employees who get mails, set the email sending frequency as daily, weekly or monthly and you can make use of Escalation Matrix.

Improvised Look of Manage Emails pazo v7.1

  1. PDF Reports – Checklist emails will have attachment of the checklist report in PDF format.

PDF Reports in pazo v7.1

  1. Custom Graph Enhancement – Now users can get an option in custom graphs for the “Flags” raised for all checklists along with Missed or Submitted for individual checklists.

Custom Graph Enhancement

  1. Enhancement in Chart Option – Users can drilldown for individual checklist submitted to view the full report details. Users can make use of ZOOM OUT Option to go back to the overall report which is grouped by Date, Site or Site Groups.

Enhancement in Chart Option

Pazo v7.1 Mobile App Features:

  1. Support Module for Mobile App – Now mobile users can submit any issues related to App or Checklists or Syncing data, they can raise tickets from the support module and these will be directly assigned to PAZO Support Department to take corrective action.

Support Module for Mobile App

  1. Mandatory Image Upload for Set Limit of Images – To submit a checklist, the mobile app user has to take minimum number of images allotted for particular checklist (For Image fields). Users cannot submit checklist if they don’t attach the minimum number of images.

Mandatory Image Upload for Set Limit of Images pazo v7.1

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