Pazo in Tech Open Air 2018 | European Tech Conference

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Pazo in Tech Open Air 2018 | European Tech Conference

Europe’s coolest tech conferenceTech Open Air (TOA): The Future of Tech, Work & Life.

TOA is Europe’s Leading Technology Festival. Our mission is to help people future proof their businesses and their lives. The TOA_2018 festival is of 4 days focusing on technology, art and science held in Berlin, Europe’s capital of startups. Attending the TOA18 helps the PAZO to network, invest and collaborate with change-makers from across the globe.

pazo tech open air conference 2018

PAZO is also a part of a community 20,000 of the most curious, forward-thinking makers and thinkers from different industries including science, technology, investment, industry, government, marketing, corporate, entertainment and health.

Over 150 of the world’s most inspiring speakers will share their insights on how they see the world evolving and discuss the impact of technology on society. DT50 Awards together with Google, McKinsey and Rocket, TOA18 is hosting the prestigious DT50 Awards. TOA will be hosting 120+ Satellite events across Berlin.

The conference helps the startups to understand and use technology as a tool to future-proof the business and life: to mitigate upcoming risks, be ahead of the game and understand the challenges and opportunities in a coming way.