Pazo Got A Makeover With Pazo 8.1 App!

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Pazo Got A Makeover With Pazo 8.1 App!

Pazo 8.1 has gotten quite a makeover since our last update and we’re excited to let you know how we’re striving to be better than we were yesterday. We’re constantly working to improve your Pazo experience and here’s the summary of what has been changed

What is new with Pazo 8.1:

1. Stock Room Management

Stock counts if unorganized will definitely lead to inefficiencies, misuse of stocks, and other nightmares to the company. To put an end to stock rooms with missing or wrong inventory we introduced stock room management in Pazo 8.1. This new feature will help businesses prioritize and organize stock room count, and get complete visibility about the stock movement.

Learn more about Stock Room Management

2. Conditional Logics in Checklist

Conditional Logic in the checklist that will easily show or hide fields based on how the user responds to the main fields. This is basically conditional branching, where conditions are set and certain fields will branch from others based on your conditions. A logical condition can be applied in the Single Select & Drop-down type questions as of now by using Pazo app.

Learn more about Conditional Logic

3. Documents and Training now have Analytics

Document Analytics is a data-driven assessment of how the users make use of your uploaded document. You’ll learn how your documents are used, who uses them, and when is it being used.

Changes that have been introduced to Documents & Training on Pazo App

  • Documents can now be assigned easily to a specific site/department and it can be uploaded directly by Site Admin(s), Viewer(s), and Super Admin. But, the site-specific permission applies for viewer(s) & Super Admin(s)

For Eg: A Super Admin can assign a document to all the Sites whereas a Site admin or a Viewer can assign a Document only to the Sites to which they have permission.

Modifications in Documents & Training Module

  • Now, we have made it easy for a user to add or edit a Section (Folder) and add any number of documents within the Section.

  • The document version is updated automatically once a user modifies a section or updates a new document, modifies a document name. Pazo app also allows you to modify the version number can be modified manually also.

  • Document Analytics has been introduced now, users can get insights such as username, no. of times a document has been opened on Mobile App 8.1 and time duration of the document viewed.

To view document analytics

o   Navigate to Setup->Documents

o   Go to a Section

o   Click on Document Analytics option (present beside List of Documents option)

The new Documents & Training section allows people to  view images, videos (MP4) and documents [doc, excel, pdf, ppt]

Changes on the Pazo Mobile App 8.1

Now, users can view all unopened documents on Site Dashboard

Pazo app 8.1 allow users to view the list of all documents categorized by Sections/Folders from the Side Menu Navigation Pane->Documents

4. Chat & Comment details of Issues is now added to the Excel report of Issues.

Our earlier report didn’t have the data of chat & comments added during the cycle of issue management. So, in this updated Pazo 8.1 we decided to introduce the chat & comment transcript in the excel report when the user downloads the report to make the report more detailed

Where to find chat & comment in the new report?

  • When a user downloads an Issue Excel Report from Issues Page, a New Sheet- Comments is added by default where all the Issue chat, as well as system-generated comments, are shown, in the format as username, Comment Manual/System generated, Date and time of the comment

5. Meter Readings Consumption now available in Custom Dashboard, Excel & Triggers

Through web and mobile Pazo app, you can analyze, compare, or-view site-wise consumption of  the meter readings by using custom graphs, downloading excel reports or adding a trigger to track readings effectively

  How to add a graph for Meter reading?

  • Navigate to Custom Dashboard->Add Graph-> Choose specific Checklist which has a Meter Reading Field in the ‘Select Data’ option
  • Here,  ‘Select data field’ option, scroll down and choose the field which has meter reading
  • Give the graph a name and desired color and click save

Analyze Meter Readings comprehensive

Now, Meter Reading details such as consumption, last reading date & time can be viewed on Checklist Export Reports. All these details will be available for questions which have answer type as ‘Meter reading’

To  add a trigger on Meter Reading field from ‘Notification & Triggers Option on Schedules Page

  1. Navigate to Setup->Schedules->Notification & Triggers->Add Trigger
  2. Trigger on- Choose on-Field
  3. Choose Field- Choose the Meter Reading Field where the trigger has to be added
  4. Choose any of the Conditions- Less than, Greater than, Equals, Exists or Between
  5. Enter the desired consumption value for which trigger has to be activated
  6. Choose an action type i.e. in what form will the trigger be received like Send SMS, Send Email, Trigger Webhook, Send Notification

6. Flags on Number field in checklists

Super Admin(s) can now add a flag to the “number field” on Checklists. 

Steps to add a flag on a Number field:

  • Navigate to Setup-> Add Checklists Page->Add a Number Field
  • Click on Flags, a drop-down will appear, now a user can put conditions such as Less than, Greater than, Equals, In Between and Not In Between
  • Users can input values in the conditions box

Flags on Number field in checklists

7. Audit Trail for Sites & New filters in Audit Trail

Two new improvements in Pazo 8.1 have been done for the audit trail. 

  • Audit Trail can now be viewed for Sites specific modifications such as Add New Site, Disable Site, and Edit a Site
  • Users can apply Feature specific filters on Audit Trail to visualize only one type of audit trail at a time

8. Two New Reports: Users Info. & Checklist Reports on MIS Reports

We have introduced two new reports for a user to download using web and mobile app

Users Info:

  1. This Sheet provides details of all Active user’s information such as checklists submitted, issues raised, reviews done, the average time is taken for checklist submission, etc.
  2. Site Wise List of Leaders and Laggards
  3. List of Inactive Users which have not logged in to App 8.1 or performed any activity on either Web App or Mobile App for the last 30 days

Note: This sheet is also attached along with weekly multi-site summary emails

Checklists Info:

  1. This is a New Excel which provides information at Checklist level such as Number of times a Checklist has been Scheduled, Number of Times it has been Submitted overall across Sites

9. Auto-generation of location code

For ease of use, now a location code is automatically generated and added by the system (Pazo app – Mobile and Web). The auto-code will be generated by predefined condition by the system itself

When adding a new location, if the location code isn’t added manually the system will generate a Location code and assign it to the location. It is applicable to bulk upload as well.

Users will have access to modify location code at any-time

10. UI for Submit, Submitted Checklist Screen on Mobile App

For enhanced user experience, we have made changes to the UI for various inside pages of the Checklists such as Checklist Submit, Missed, Flags, and Review Pending. In Pazo 8.1 we have reduced the clutter and made the UI simpler and more organized for these pages

Do you have suggestions on features you’d like to see in our future updates? Let us know in the comments below!