A Makeover with Pazo 8.1 Updated – (Part 2)

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A Makeover with Pazo 8.1 Updated – (Part 2)

In this blog, we will deep dive into the new features which are added in Pazo 8.1 updated Version (part – 2).

In (part -1) blog you will find: Stock Room Management Feature, Conditional Logics in Checklists, Modifications in Documents & Training Module, Issue chat and comments shown in Issue Excel. If you haven’t read part 1 here is the link

1. Flags on Number field in checklists

Super Admin(s) can now add a flag to the “number field” on Checklists. 

Steps to add a flag on a Number field:

  • Navigate to Setup-> Add Checklists Page->Add a Number Field
  • Click on Flags, a drop-down will appear, now a user can put conditions such as Less than, Greater than, Equals, In Between and Not In Between
  • Users can input values in the conditions box

Flags on Number field in checklists

2. Audit Trail for Sites & New filters in Audit Trail

Two new improvements have been done for the audit trail in Pazo app. 

  • Audit Trail can now be viewed for Sites specific modifications such as Add New Site, Disable Site, and Edit a Site
  • Users can apply Feature specific filters on Audit Trail to visualize only one type of audit trail at a time

3. Two New Reports: Users Info. & Checklist Reports on MIS Reports

We have introduced two new reports for a user to download using Pazo App

Users Info:

  1. This Sheet provides details of all Active user’s information such as checklists submitted, issues raised, reviews done, the average time is taken for checklist submission, etc.
  2. Site Wise List of Leaders and Laggards
  3. List of Inactive Users which have not logged in to App or performed any activity on either Web App or Mobile App for the last 30 days

Note: This sheet is also attached along with weekly multi-site summary emails

Checklists Info:

  1. This is a New Excel which provides information at Checklist level such as Number of times a Checklist has been Scheduled, Number of Times it has been Submitted overall across Sites

4. Auto-generation of location code

For ease of use, now a location code is automatically generated and added by the system. The auto-code will be generated by predefined condition by the system (Pazo app) itself

When adding a new location, if the location code isn’t added manually the system will generate a Location code and assign it to the location. It is applicable to bulk upload as well.

Users will have access to modify location code at any-time

5. UI for Submit, Submitted Checklist Screen on Mobile App

For enhanced user experience, we have made changes to the UI for various inside pages of the Checklists such as Checklist Submit, Missed, Flags, and Review Pending. We have reduced the clutter and made the UI simpler and more organized for these pages

SO, this was the Pazo 8.1 updated Version. Hope you would utilize new fetures in more productive way. Do you have suggestions on features you’d like to see in our future updates? Let us know in the comments below!