A Makeover with Pazo 8.0!

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A Makeover with Pazo 8.0!

Pazo has gotten quite a makeover since our last update and we’re excited to let you know how we’re striving to be better than we were yesterday. Here’s what new with Pazo 8.0:

Dashboard Updates

1. User Onboarding For Web App

Now with Pazo 8.0, first-time users will find it easier to understand how Pazo works, from the first go! With the newly launched Pazo onboarding, you will now be able to take a tour of Pazo while we take you step-by-step to get you acquainted with the system. 

Onboarding For Web App

2. Modified UI in Mobile App

With the UI enhancements, now it’s easier for users to distinguish the different drafts saved on the dashboard. You will now be able to distinguish between saved drafts by the first answer, if the answers are a single select option, number, drop-down or a short text, by default.

Modified UI in Mobile App

3. Customised Web App Custom Dashboard

Customised Web App Custom Dashboard

Data comparison is important while refining routine operations. This is why we have introduced a few new graphs on the custom dashboard in the web app. The new graphs we have added are:

    1. Flagged issues graph: In the issue data graph, you can now view and compare all issues raised on flags. This graph will also include issues auto-raised on flags as well as issues manually raised on flags
    2. Flags resolved graph: In the checklist data graph, you will now be able to data on all the flags resolved. This graph will also include auto-resolved flags when the issue status changes, as well as flags, resolved manually. The same graph can be created for a particular checklist as well
  • Checklist score percentage: You can now add checklist scoring graphs for consolidated checklist score as well as individual scoring checklists on web app.

Checklist score percentage on web app

It is now easy to compare individual preferences on the desired date ranges like the previous period, previous year and custom date ranges. You can also add up to three fields within a graph to help in more accurate comparison. All the new graphs are optimised for reduced loading time so you can access the data you need without a long wait. 

4. Enhancements in the Web Tabular Dashboard

Web Tabular Dashboard

We have now made it easier for zonal heads to view data more clearly. With the new enhancements on the tabular dashboard, you can now view and compare data zone-wise (according to site groups). The Zone View allows you to view a List of Site Groups wise information. Clicking on any Number in will allow you to view the Site Level Information of the selected Zone

Weekly/Monthly schedules from the Tabular Dashboard

You can also download an excel report for Weekly/Monthly schedules from the Tabular Dashboard


1. Scan QR Code To View Location History

Scan QR Code To View Location History

QR code for mobile app

You can now view location history by scanning the QR code. Based on your department permissions, scanning the QR code will give you access to view all checklists submitted & issues raised at a particular location. You can also apply the desired filter to view only issues or submitted checklists. The location history will provide data as far back the day the location was created. 

2. Raise Issues on Submitted Checklist Images 

Raise Issues on Submitted Checklist Images

Raise Issues Checklist

Previously it was not possible to raise issues on images submitted via checklist. Now, you can raise an issue from the checklist report page on the submitted images. All you need to do is to click on any image submitted to raise an issue. You can also annotate the image on  Mobile App and mark inconsistencies if any

3. New videos field in Checklist Submission

videos field in Checklist

We have introduced a new video feature when checklists are being submitted. With the help of this feature, users submitting a checklist will be able to record a live video up to 1 minute long as an answer type. Submitted videos can be viewed in the Gallery and reports page.

4. Make Image Attachments Mandatory

Image Attachments

Image Attachments process

You can now make a maximum of 3 images as a mandatory option for every answer field when a checklist is being submitted. Make sure you check the ‘Attachments Mandatory’ option for specific questions. During checklist submission, attachments will be mandatory only when a question is answered. 

5. Expand & Collapse Group Options

Expand & Collapse Group Options

Now it’s easy for users to expand or collapse a group of questions while submitting a checklist with Pazo 8.0. In order to make the process easier, the most recent status of the expanded or collapsed group is retained until the final submission of the checklist. Whenever you revisit the checklist, you don’t have to manually expand a previously used group again.

6. Choose Pre-Made Checklist Templates

Pre-Made Checklist Templates

Now Super Admins can choose a pre-defined checklist template without having to create a new one from scratch. You can choose an industry type and view the list of available checklist templates. Checklists can also be selected one at a time and saved to make it available for scheduling. All saved checklists will be available on the Manage Checklists page

7. Checklist Image Gallery Modifications

Checklist Image Gallery Modifications

Updated Pazo 8.0 make it easy to filter images by flags in the image gallery. All flagged images and the images

attached along with a flagged field will be shown when this filter is applied.

Other Important Updates:

1.  Integrate Google Sheets As a Trigger

Integrate Google Sheets As a Trigger

With our new Google Sheets integration, you can now send checklist submission details directly to a Google Sheet of your choice. To add Google Sheets as a trigger, you must grant permission to access your google sheets. The google sheets trigger can only be modified by the user who created it.

2. Receive User Report Via Email for Gamification

We have added a feature in Pazo 8.0 to add a user report as part of the attachments in your Weekly Summary Emails. The user report will be sent to Super Admins, Site Admins and Viewers as per site and department permissions. 

The Users Excel contains the following information:

User Report Via Email

  • Active Users information such checklists submitted, issues raised, reviews done, the average time taken for checklist submission, etc.

Receive User Report

  • Site Wise List of Leaders and Laggards based

check List of Inactive Users

  • List of Inactive Users which haven’t logged in to App or performed any activity on either Web App or Mobile App for the last 30 days

3.  Email Notifications For Issues Raised

Email Notifications

Now users with Issue Requester permissions will get an email notification on their registered Email account whenever an Issue is raised by themselves. If a user doesn’t have an email registered, then no Email must be received. This is a default trigger, i.e. there is no setting for this anywhere in the system. The Email format will be the same as the one which is sent to the user who has Raised an Issue

4. Add Site-Specific Logos

Add Site-Specific Logos

With this new feature, Super Admins and Site Admins can add site-specific logos in the “Add Sites” page. These logos will appear on locations QR downloads

Do you have suggestions on features you’d like to see in our future updates? Let us know in the comments below!