PAZO Featured in Economic Times India

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PAZO Featured in Economic Times India

Since PAZO is amongst the 9 that have been selected for METRO Accelerator for the Retail program Powered by Techstars, which has been helping out the large retailers identify and resolve retail business operational problems to save time and money.

Pazo is being implemented across all 25 METRO wholesale stores in India.

“Pazo provides METRO with a software that gives complete visibility across METRO’s businesses. By capturing all critical business data points, METRO receives full control of its daily store operations in real-time. This exercise helps in augmenting our operational efficiency, while helping us deliver a better customer experience.” said Arvind Mediratta, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer at METRO Cash & Carry India.


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Pazo is built to manage connectivity across all the stores, Cross-store operations, Data Synchronization of all stores, Multi-store reporting, new product launch activities etc. Collaborate with people from different store locations to share best practices helps fuel innovations across the company. We helps to supervise a sizeable number of stores or branches to trim their costs, achieve higher productivity and deliver superior customer service.

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