Actionable Flags, Revamped Dashboard With Pazo 7.9.5!

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Actionable Flags, Revamped Dashboard With Pazo 7.9.5!

Since our last update to V 7.9, we have made improvements to make your Pazo experience better. 

Here’s a quick video summary of what’s new with Pazo:

Flags Made Actionable

Flags Made ActionablePreviously when responses were flagged, managers didn’t have the option to create quick corrective measures pertaining to it. With the new option to create issues automatically when a response is flagged, accountability and transparency have improved and the time taken for issue management has reduced.

Now flags also have a status for easy monitoring – Open/Resolved

Dashboard Updates

Multi-site Dashboad In Mobile App

Mobile App Dashboard UpdatesWith the UI enhancements, now it’s easier for managers of multiple sites to have an overview of the data across all the sites they have access to.

View Data Department-Wise

View Data Department-Wise

Previously all the overview was displayed site-wise, making it challenging for department heads to view how their departments were performing. With the new department view in Pazo 7.9, you can view your department’s performance across sites allowing you to take corrective measures to improve productivity whenever needed

Checklist Status Report

Checklist Status Report

Now, easily view reports for checklists assigned as adhoc, gone missed and or submitted late right on the dashboard itself.

Expand & Collapse Question Groups

Expand & Collapse Question Groups

Drafts allow multiple users to complete sections of checklists and now with the help of the new option for groups, it’s easy to collapse and expand question groups for better navigation

Improved Knowledge Base

Added new Knowledge Base

The knowledge base has now been updated with the easy-to-follow guides to help you utilize Pazo to the fullest without needing external support. However, we’re always here to help you 🙂

Date-wise Schedule Progress

Date-wise Schedule ProgressWith the new feature added to the dashboard, you can now filter schedule progress by date, allowing you to quickly analyse trends and take corrective measures if needed. Date-wise progress can be seen for completed schedules that have flags, pending review or have been missed. You can also view data for Adhoc checklists that have flags or are pending review.


Advance Planning Of Schedules

Advance Planning Of SchedulesPreviously, schedules could not be created in advance. With this new feature, there is better planning for future processes. This is helpful if there are new processes or departments being added to improve routine operations

Copy Schedule to Multiple Sites

Copy Schedule to Multiple SitesCreating schedules on individual sites being managed by a single employee can be time-consuming and there are more chances of human error. With the ability to copy schedules, a schedule common to multiple sites can be created once and then copied to the remaining sites, saving time and minimising errors

All Sites & Zone View

All Sites & Zone View

Now schedules assigned to sites and particular zones can be easily viewed using the newly added filter view

Filter for Checklists on Scheduled Page

Filter for Checklists on Scheduled Page

Now there’s no more scrolling through multiple created checklists to find what hasn’t been scheduled yet. With the new filter, you can easily view the checklists that need scheduling

Trigger for a Checklist On Multiple Sites

Trigger for a Checklist On Multiple SitesIn the past, individual triggers needed to be added to checklists across multiple sites. With this new feature, while creating a trigger for a specific schedule, you can add the same trigger conditions to all the sites you manage

Disable all schedules simultaneously

Disable all schedules simultaneously

Earlier each schedule had to be disabled individually, in case there were any changes. Now all schedules with Pazo 7.9, that are not relevant or need a change can be disabled all at once. If any locations need to be disabled or edited in a particular schedule, it will not affect previous submissions and the newly made changes will be visible from the next day onwards.


Download multiple checklists reports

Download multiple checklists reportsDepartment managers had to sift through all the checklists of sites being managed. Now, you can download the report for a maximum of 10 checklists from specific departments at a time for better viewing and analysis. The functionality for Export Report and Review Data on Export Reports has also become more robust.

Discard Drafts

Discard DraftsPreviously drafts had to be abandoned when a work permit was on hold or rejected. Now, drafts that are not needed, for any purpose, can be easily discarded to improve visibility and minimise confusion.

Discard Drafts process

Flags, triggers and scores associated with the discarded draft will be ignored, however, the report will display the last saved progress before the draft was discarded

Apart from these, Pazo 7.9 is added with help text and made a few modifications in the ‘add/edit user’ and ‘manage sites’ sections for a better user-friendly experience.