Pazo covered by the gruendermetropole- German Media

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Pazo covered by the gruendermetropole- German Media

We are proud to announce that Pazo is taking a new step in its development by expanding into the European market and extending its activity to the retail and hospitality industry.

pazo covered by

Recently, Pazo has been covered by the “gruendermetropole-berlin” which is a German Media. Gründermetropole Berlin is an independent, specialized online magazine focusing on the growth of technology startups in the later-stage phase. With late-stage reports, expert interviews, research news and personal views spread the independent startup magazine reflects the full range of advanced technology startups. Gründermetropole Berlin cooperates with qualified startup media such as Deutsche Startups.

We receive intense three-month support and mentorship in Berlin with 100 international mentors from the Metro Accelerator Techstars program. We have been selected among the 9 most promising startup tech companies for Retail Industry Business Solutions. Finally, Pazo has just taken a new step in its development and plans to extend its marketing to other countries starting with Germany. Encouraging growth that opens new perspectives.

From its launch in 2016, Pazo simplifying many of the processes and daily activities involved in Facilities, Retail Business Operations, Housekeeping, Shopping Malls Management, Security Guard Tracking etc. Pazo manages customer relationships, Workflow, Work Engagement, Employees Engagement, Work Scheduling, Assigning the right task to the right employee etc.

Pazo increases reliance on handheld devices to minimize paperwork and boost work efficiency. Managers get deeper technology assistance to track employee performance in less time.