PAZO Updated to v7.6

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PAZO Updated to v7.6

We’ve been working hard on a few features that make PAZO more efficient and more useful for the users. We’re excited to introduce our newest features. Here is a complete description of what has been upgraded and added newly in the PAZO App v7.6.  


1. Scoring Logic for Checklists Submission

A user with client admin access is will be able to create and edit a checklist for the audit process. Users can enable the Scoring (only for new checklists) and use the checklist for various purposes such as auditing.

Scoring Logic for Checklists Submission

The scores can be viewed on checklist Reports, Custom Graphs, and Checklist submission page. 

checklist score by date

checklist score by question

Checklist score

The intent of creating a checklist with scoring capability is to provide the managers or authorities with useful information that helps in making decisions and reducing associated risks. 

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2. Text Overlay on the Photos

Now, photos clicked from PAZO App while filling a checklist will be captioned with Date & Time of Checklist Submission, Schedule Name, Checklist ID and Site name for which the checklist was scheduled. 

text overlay effect on pazo photos

Text overlay on the images adds to a layer of transparency and avoid duplication in the checklist submissions. This allows managers to check the photos uploaded during checklists submissions with the Checklist Name, Location, Date and Time stamp in the photo itself.  Managers can check photo details without navigating to the image gallery or anywhere else in the system. 

3. Alert Trigger for Blank Images

While creating a checklist, admin can set alerts for blank images. So, whenever a field user submits an image which has no objects present in them, an alert email will be sent on the registered email id of the user who receives the Checklist report.

Alert Trigger for Blank Images

Sometimes field users submit checklists with blank photos of the wall, door, ground or some random blank places just to pass the mandatory question in a checklist. Therefore, PAZO introduced this feature through which the manager or reviewer or the admin will get instant alerts on their registered email ids whenever a blank image is uploaded during a checklist submission. 

4. Modifications in Tabular Dashboard

Now, users can click on any number on the Tabular Dashboard and drill down to a list which will allow managers and decision makers to take immediate actions on the data.

Modifications in Tabular Dashboard

We have made our tabular dashboard more interactive. Now users can click on the respective number to drill down to a list to view actionable information on the tabular dashboard. 

5. Manage Users with more ease

To make our system more robust and scalable we have enhanced our users’ page. Now, users with Site admin and Client admin Rights can Bulk Upload users by selecting Sites on the Left.

site admin uploading users

site admin uploading users Now multiple users actions can be performed such as change user permissions and disable all Users at once, by selecting checkboxes present on Top of the user’s list.

multiple users actions

6. View Submitted Checklists Page

Introduced a new Page which allows users with Client Admin and Site Admin access can view New Checklists Page to display the list of all Checklists submitted for a day. 

Checklist review page

Earlier, Managers weren’t able to see all the submitted checklists for a single date, now its easy to check all the submitted at one place.  They can see if any actions are pending like Submitted late, Review pending, etc. They can even filter by site location, the department also. 

7. Consolidated Manage Departments

Introduced New Manage Departments which allows:

  • Users with Client Admin rights can add New Departments and Edit Department Names.
  • Users with Site Admin can view all departments, can add users to a Department.

Consolidated Manage Departments


8. Multi-Site View on PAZO App

Now, the user with Viewer and Site Admin permissions can log in to PAZO App and see a list of details such as Reviews Pending, Flags, and Schedules completed and open issues for those Sites on one screen.

Multi-Site View on Field App

Now the Site admins or Viewers don’t need to login to a different mobile app for viewing submitted checklists open issues, flags all on a single screen. They can also review the checklists from the PAZO App itself. 

9. Attach documents while raising Issues

Users (in pazo app) are allowed to attach any type of documents (images, pdf, word, videos) while raising an Issue.

document attachment

Now, multiple attachments are allowed in task creation and response.

chat attach documents

Earlier, Users and Issuers were been able to raise an issue only with an Image. Now  Users or the Issuers can add any type of reference documents or any supporting evidence such as pdf, word, image or any short video while raising the issues. 

10. Revamped Communication Features

Now, Group Admin (Person who created a Group) has the capability to rename a group name & add or remove users from a Group. 

Revamped Communication Features

Users can use the Repeat Task option for copying the same Task by long pressing on a Task name in Task Tab.

copying a same Task by long pressing