Pazo Upgraded to Version 7.9! With New Features

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Pazo Upgraded to Version 7.9! With New Features

We have been working on quite a few things since our last feature update. As we are now scaling globally, Pazo is happy to announce that we’ve moved to a pure SaaS model. What does that mean, you ask? With our new upgrade, we have automated the system so that every customer can opt for a trial, pay online and start using PAZO 7.9 in a matter of clicks. No more waiting!

With our global scaling, we have also made our pricing plans more transparent. Now, choose a plan based on the features and number of users you wish to add to your Pazo updated account.

Without further ado, here are the updates for Pazo 7.9. You can watch the quick video summary or choose to read through the detailed feature updates:

More Accessible Unsubmitted Checklists

Previously, you had to switch between multiple pages to be able to view the drafted checklists, making it a bit more difficult to see where exactly it was. Now, when checklists are being created and saved as drafts, they can be easily accessed on the dashboard page on the mobile app.

Managers can easily see the progress of drafts, even if they have only Viewer or only Site Admin permissions on the mobile app (Pazo 7.9).

Alerts For Processes/ Permit To Work

There have been times when team members weren’t alerted when drafts were being created. This was seen, especially for permit to work orders. To make communication easier within the teams and to complete tasks faster, we’ve now added the feature to add a trigger on saving a draft. Whenever someone from your department saves a drafts, you can be notified by email, SMS, web hook or just a notification

Personalised Nomenclature For Drafts

It’s not always that you call processes in your industry using the same nomenclature as another industry. This is why we have now added the option for you to change the default name of saved processes checklists from “drafts” to anything of your choice. This option is available under ‘Globalisation’ in the setup page.

Gallery Image Annotations For Raising Issues Easily

We’ve added annotations to the gallery images, similar to what we already have for Issues and Messages in Pazo updated version. This makes it easier for managers raising issues from gallery images, where specific details can be marked. 

Alerts on Checklist Scores For Process Optimisation

As a manager or an auditor monitoring efficiency, getting an alert as soon as something is underperforming is a great way to optimise it. This is why we have now added triggers to checklist scores when they are less than, greater than or in between to a specified condition. You can add triggered to scores of a particular field or the overall achieved score. 

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So that was all you needed to know about this new update. If there’s a feature you would like to see in Pazo, do let us know in the comments and you just might see them in our future versions.