PAZO v7.2 Updated Version

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PAZO v7.2 Updated Version

Pazo has updated v7.2 version with new mobile app and web app features.

Pazo v7.2 Mobile App Features:

  1. Ability to submit a checklist after midnight:

Now field users are able to submit a previous day checklist which is scheduled only after 10:00 PM. This checklist will be available till 3:00 AM in the morning. After 3:00 AM, the user cannot submit the checklist.

Ability to submit a checklist after midnight

2. Issues Filtering by Department:

Now the Issues Page has also a Filter by Department Option. Issues can be filtered out for every department.

pazo v7.2 Issues Filtering by Department

3. Notifications For Task Approvals:

On communication module for finishing an approval, task, and survey, notifications are shown 15 minutes before due time and one more notification will be shown exactly at the due time. It’ll be shown in a highlighted way on the top and notifications are sent for faster task approvals.

Notifications For Task Approvals Pazo v7.24. Issues listed by most recent activity:

Now the Issues are listed according to the most recent activity. So the most recent active issues will be on the top.

Issues listed by most recent activity pazo v7.2

Web App Features:

  1. Web App New Dashboard Design

PAZO v7.2 got a new dashboard update. Now all the client admins, client viewers, and site admins will have access to this new dashboard. Now the dashboard can be viewed by All Sites list, Site Groups or Individual site. In the dashboard, Admins can see Issues, Overdue issues by site, Sites with low performance and also the sites having maximum no. of flags.

Checklists Graphs also be seen on the dashboard, where the admin can check the no. of checklists assigned and missed by date, site and by the department.

Web App New Dashboard Design pazo v7.2

2. Video Attachments in Documents

Now, Users can attach videos in the Documents module. Users can attach video file formats like .mp4, .webm etc. in the document section.

Video Attachments in Documents

Video Attachments in Documents detail

3. Removing Users by site Admin:

Previously Site Admins couldn’t remove users from a site. Now, a Site Admin has access to remove users from the respective site. But the site admin doesn’t have access to delete other site admins of the same site.

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4. Download Excel Reports with the Checklist Name:

Previously downloading excel reports gives the name as Excel.xlsx. Now, in excel export of checklist, the name of the excel file is same as the name of the checklist so as to avoid any confusion. Users can download even messages with the respective chat name.

Download Excel Reports with the Checklist Name

5. Error Message on Adding Existing Users

On bulk user upload, if the user has already existed in any site, then existing sites of the user will be shown in the error message while uploading the excel sheet.

Error Message on Adding Existing Users

Error Message on Adding Existing Users backup file

6. Excel Reports will have Site Groups

Now, Excel reports have Site Groups. Excel reports like Checklists, Issues, Multisite Issues etc., all excel reports will have site groups included.

Excel Reports will have Site Groups