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Digitize and streamline your recurring processes, gain full visibility into your operational execution, and ensure the right person gets the job done from the right location at the right time.
  • Score based processes to highlight misses and redflags to managers
  • Automated issues assignment to respective managers and departments when something is not as it should be
  • Live pictures and videos to ensure real-time process status
  • QR Code & GPS based geo-tagging to ensure daily check-in
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Systematise and consolidate remote consumable procurement requests, escalations, and other issues, across departments. Seamlessly communicate with anyone and everyone across hierarchies. Smoothen remote operations, escalations, and communication.
  • Custom configurable multi-level rule-based escalation matrix to ensure issues get resolved & business continuity
  • Create groups of relevant teams and share messages, media files, or other attachments
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Setup command center dashboards right in your hallways to get real-time global execution visibility. Pull relevant dashboards in relevant meetings and do proactive decision making.
  • Fully customizable real-time dashboards to stay updated without having to ask hierarchy or check emails
  • Integrations with third party data providers to enable correlation of trends across KPIs and departments, regions, processes
  • Automated pre-defined MIS reports to relevant departmental managers with numbers pre-churned into actionable business insights

tailor-made industry specific solutions

Fashion, Apparel, Footwear, Convenience Stores
Retail Execution, Visual Merchandise, Stock Upkeep, Statutory Compliance and much more
Facility Management
Shopping Malls, IT Parks, Warehouses, Airports, Hospitals
Soft services, Hard services, Security services and much more
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