Electrical Inspection Checklist-Facility Management


Electrical Inspection Checklist-Facility Management

The Electrical Inspection Checklist for facility management will provide you all the required tasks which should be completed on an everyday basis at the right and scheduled time. The ‘Yes’  or ‘No’ option can be recorded and analyzed for any of the below checklist questions for Facility team workers or any facility management team which represents all the immediate and necessary tasks required to follow-up or you can take any required action to assign priority tasks.

The Electrical Inspection Checklist is applicable for all:

  • Construction Sites
  • Warehouses
  • Ship dockyards or ports
  • Transport Industry
  • Recycling Yards
  • Residential Apartments
  • Inventories 
  • Airports etc.

This Electrical Inspection Checklist is non-exhaustive and non-mandatory in nature. The facility management supervisor or the management staff who take care of the facility operations at the workplace can make the necessary customizations like adding more questions or removing/modifying the existing questions that suit the company work processes and conditions.

Electrical inspection checklists

Here, you can check out a few sample questions for the EI Checklist.

S.noChecklist Check Action
1No circuit breakers regularly tripping?Yes / No
2No extension cords used for a permanent operation?Yes / No
3Are all plugs and cords in good condition?Yes / No
4Are all extension cords plugged into a grounded outlet when in use?Yes / No
5No electrical switches, switch plates or receptacles, cracked, broken or have exposed contacts?Yes / No
6Do all electrical panels have a surrounding space of 3 feet clear?Yes / No
7Are all electrical circuit breakers identified?Yes / No
8Are there any other electrical issues that need attention at this time?Yes / No

Here, we have attached the EI Checklist which we render to our clients for their routine offices/malls or stores/apartments Facility inspections and other related tasks. The EI Checklist is comprehensive and it thoroughly ensures that no SOP or any other task procedures are being missed.

You can utilize this as good training material to make the workers accountable for every operation in the organization. This will help the facility managers or supervisors to understand and examine the scheduled tasks of the employees.

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We hope this Electrical Inspection Checklist gives you a detailed approach to how the facility-related operations have to be done on your site.

Electrical Inspection Checklist