Covid 19

Ensuring healthy, safe and efficient premises

Give your team and customers a HEALTHY and SAFE reason to come back. Provide your business with the smart tool to perform through uncertainty.

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Workforce tools to help business navigate COVID-19

Whether your business needs to scale quickly or run efficiently through uncertainty, PAZO is here to support you.

Manage your processes efficiently

  • Schedule checklists to run timely checks on the predefined processes and the COVID-19 processes and security.
  • Get alerts when responses are flagged so that managers can take quick corrective measures pertaining to it.
  • Visualize the reports in the form of graphs or tables or just create a custom dashboard for yourself as per your requirements.


“PAZO is a new tool of Digitalisation in Facility Industry.” – Amey; AFM- Technical Operations ( Sodexo )

Raise Issues on a location, to highlight inconsistencies

  • Raise issues on location and alert particular departments or a person.
  • Create a due date and raise alerts if the due date is passed, to ensure customer satisfaction.
  • Attach images, documents, or videos in the issues to ensure better understanding.


“Pazo is a very convenient & user-friendly app, features like Raise an Issue is very useful. This is an excellent platform to observe, record & resolve.” – Harsha P ( Mast  Global )

Keep your staff informed and up to date

  • Share information in the form of documents (doc, excel, pdf) or videos with a particular department or all departments.
  • Arrange documents in sections so that users can differentiate between a set of information.
  • Have a version control over your documents for better understanding.


“PAZO has had helped us rationalize manpower and digitize all processes.” – Yogesh K; Head – Mall Operations ( Tata Mall )

Get started immediately with our pre-made checklists

  • Choose a pre-defined checklist template without having to create a new one from scratch.
  • You can choose an industry type and view the list of available checklist templates.
  • Checklists can also be selected one at a time and saved to make it available for scheduling.


“Easy to use, highly informative, and beautiful graphics in terms of charts and bars.” – Haneel Anand; AGM – Loss Prevention ( Viviana Mall )

Why use PAZO?

Suresh Deshmukh

PPZ Mall Management

PAZO is customizable to every property and extremely user-friendly. They make us feel like the #1 priority when it comes to needing assistance.

PAZO can help your business in times of change

*No credit card required


Do I need to sign a contract?

No contract is required. Onboard PAZO just by “Signing Up”.

Is this program free?

Yes! This program is completely free until the end of June 2020.

How long will it take to get set-up in PAZO?

It will take just a few hours for operators to be up and running with PAZO.

Is it easy to build COVID-19 related processes into PAZO?

Yes! We also have prebuilt COVID-19 preparedness checklists which are fully customizable. Our support team will build-out your processes in PAZO within 24 hours of signing up.

What will happen when the program expires at the end of June 2020?

You will be notified ahead of time before the free program ends by the PAZO team. At that time, if you want to continue using PAZO, you’ll have the opportunity to transition to a premium paid subscription.