Brand Factory

Case Study

Brand Factory

Being an Indian leader in fashion, Brand Factory relies on PAZO to run their operations across all their retail stores.

Founded in 2006, Brand Factory (operated by Future Group) is a fashion retail chain that sells several Indian and International brands to individuals.

With more than 69 stores across 28 cities the company is one of the most successful fashion chains in India.
Brand Factory’s phenomenal success led to rapid expansion. The company already operated in 40 stores when celebrating its 11th birthday. With such a growth new challenges emerged.

Among others, it became difficult for the Head Office to overview the operations across its existing stores and the ones to be newly added. Therefore, Brand Factory introduced PAZO, to achieve transparency along with all their standard operating procedures.

The Challenges

Every day myriads of operating procedures have to be performed at Brand Factory. Staff from various departments such as Facility Management, Warehousing, Logistics, and Cashiering etc. filled multiple checklists through pen and paper. In total, more than 30 registers had to be maintained across all stores, resulting in
tedious and error-prone manual work. Reviewing these checklists consumed many resources and slowed down the decision-making process.

It became apparent to the Management that communication represented an additional challenge to scaling. Teams at Brand Factory used WhatsApp to organize
themselves and run operations smoothly. Employees reported issues in chats, which were then resolved. However, WhatsApp is not designed for businesses and their needs.

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With a growing scale, it became ever more challenging to keep track of tasks, issues and internal communication with WhatsApp. PAZO solved this problem for Brand Factory by gathering all operational communication in its service. Again, allowing the organization to regain visibility of their communication.

The Solution

One important goal was to knock off all the registers which had to be mandatorily kept for three years as statutory compliance. Not only, were these registers the result of hundreds of hours of work, also were they causing unnecessary inventory costs.

PAZO offered a key advantage: Real-time visibility of back- and frontend operations, resulting in the ability to digitalize ALL paper-based processes. In only 2 days, PAZO was implemented across all stores at Brand Factory. Nowadays, employees at Brand Factory turn to PAZO whenever they had to fill in a paper-based checklist. With increased employee discipline, PAZO offers real-time visual proof for all stores. While checklists used to be randomly checked with small samples, PAZO makes it possible to automatically review ALL checklists. Supervisors at Brand Factory are now able to review ALL procedures frequently and accurately with 100% certainty.

One way Brand Factory uses PAZO is to regain visibility over its Visual Merchandising. In the past, managers used to track all in-store changes with weekly presentations and communicated over WhatsApp with all stores to ensure unified store experiences. Implementing PAZO allowed Managers to communicate the desired customer experience efficiently and to track the implementation of their change requests.

The real-time aspect of the software solution enabled Brand Factory to create an escalation matrix that informs supervisors instantly whenever procedures haven’t been completed by the respondent at the right time. Subsequently, Brand Factory is able to resolve inconsistencies across its store experiences faster and more efficiently using PAZO.

The Benefits

  • Real-time visibility of all procedures at levels of hierarchy, instead of multiple days of delay.
  • 100% certainty over the procedures, instead of mere sample testing (no false positives anymore).
  • Tracking of agency performance made it easier.