Pazo Got A Makeover with V8.0!

Pazo has gotten quite a makeover since our last update and we’re excited to let you know how we’re striving to be better than we were yesterday. Here’s what new with Pazo 8.0:

Dashboard Updates

1. User Onboarding For Web App

Now, first-time users will find it easier to understand how Pazo works, from the first go! With the newly launched Pazo onboarding, you will now be able to take a tour of Pazo while we take you step-by-step to get you acquainted with the system. 

2. Modified UI in Mobile App

With the UI enhancements, now it’s easier for users to distinguish the different drafts saved on the dashboard. You will now be able to distinguish between saved drafts by the first answer, if the answers are a single select option, number, drop-down or a short text, by default.

3. Customised Web App Custom Dashboard

Data comparison is important while refining routine operations. This is why we have introduced a few new graphs on the custom dashboard in the web app. The new graphs we have added are:

    1. Flagged issues graph: In the issue data graph, you can now view and compare all issues raised on flags. This graph will also include issues auto-raised on flags as well as issues manually raised on flags
    2. Flags resolved graph: In the checklist data graph, you will now be able to data on all the flags resolved. This graph will also include auto-resolved flags when the issue status changes, as well as flags, resolved manually. The same graph can be created for a particular checklist as well
  • Checklist score percentage: You can now add checklist scoring graphs for consolidated checklist score as well as individual scoring checklists

It is now easy to compare individual preferences on the desired date ranges like the previous period, previous year and custom date ranges. You can also add up to three fields within a graph to help in more accurate comparison. All the new graphs are optimised for reduced loading time so you can access the data you need without a long wait. 

4. Enhancements in the Web Tabular Dashboard

We have now made it easier for zonal heads to view data more clearly. With the new enhancements on the tabular dashboard, you can now view and compare data zone-wise (according to site groups). The Zone View allows you to view a List of Site Groups wise information. Clicking on any Number in will allow you to view the Site Level Information of the selected Zone

You can also download an excel report for Weekly/Monthly schedules from the Tabular Dashboard


1. Scan QR Code To View Location History

You can now view location history by scanning the QR code. Based on your department permissions, scanning the QR code will give you access to view all checklists submitted & issues raised at a particular location. You can also apply the desired filter to view only issues or submitted checklists. The location history will provide data as far back the day the location was created. 

2. Raise Issues on Submitted Checklist Images 

Previously it was not possible to raise issues on images submitted via checklist. Now, you can raise an issue from the checklist report page on the submitted images. All you need to do is to click on any image submitted to raise an issue. You can also annotate the image on  Mobile App and mark inconsistencies if any

3. New videos field in Checklist Submission

We have introduced a new video feature when checklists are being submitted. With the help of this feature, users submitting a checklist will be able to record a live video up to 1 minute long as an answer type. Submitted videos can be viewed in the Gallery and reports page.

4. Make Image Attachments Mandatory


You can now make a maximum of 3 images as a mandatory option for every answer field when a checklist is being submitted. Make sure you check the ‘Attachments Mandatory’ option for specific questions. During checklist submission, attachments will be mandatory only when a question is answered. 

5. Expand & Collapse Group Options

Now it’s easy for users to expand or collapse a group of questions while submitting a checklist. In order to make the process easier, the most recent status of the expanded or collapsed group is retained until the final submission of the checklist. Whenever you revisit the checklist, you don’t have to manually expand a previously used group again.

6. Choose Pre-Made Checklist Templates

Now Super Admins can choose a pre-defined checklist template without having to create a new one from scratch. You can choose an industry type and view the list of available checklist templates. Checklists can also be selected one at a time and saved to make it available for scheduling. All saved checklists will be available on the Manage Checklists page

7. Checklist Image Gallery Modifications

It’s now easy to filter images by flags in the image gallery. All flagged images and the images

attached along with a flagged field will be shown when this filter is applied.

Other Important Updates:

1.  Integrate Google Sheets As a Trigger

With our new Google Sheets integration, you can now send checklist submission details directly to a Google Sheet of your choice. To add Google Sheets as a trigger, you must grant permission to access your google sheets. The google sheets trigger can only be modified by the user who created it.

2. Receive User Report Via Email for Gamification

We have added a feature to add a user report as part of the attachments in your Weekly Summary Emails. The user report will be sent to Super Admins, Site Admins and Viewers as per site and department permissions. 

The Users Excel contains the following information:

  • Active Users information such checklists submitted, issues raised, reviews done, the average time taken for checklist submission, etc.

  • Site Wise List of Leaders and Laggards based

  • List of Inactive Users which haven’t logged in to App or performed any activity on either Web App or Mobile App for the last 30 days

3.  Email Notifications For Issues Raised

Now users with Issue Requester permissions will get an email notification on their registered Email account whenever an Issue is raised by themselves. If a user doesn’t have an email registered, then no Email must be received. This is a default trigger, i.e. there is no setting for this anywhere in the system. The Email format will be the same as the one which is sent to the user who has Raised an Issue

4. Add Site-Specific Logos

With this new feature, Super Admins and Site Admins can add site-specific logos in the “Add Sites” page. These logos will appear on locations QR downloads

Do you have suggestions on features you’d like to see in our future updates? Let us know in the comments below!

Pazo News

Actionable Flags, Revamped Dashboard And More With Version 7.9.5!

Since our last update to V 7.9, we have made improvements to make your Pazo experience better. 

Here’s a quick video summary of what’s new with Pazo:

Flags Made Actionable


Previously when responses were flagged, managers didn’t have the option to create quick corrective measures pertaining to it. With the new option to create issues automatically when a response is flagged, accountability and transparency have improved and the time taken for issue management has reduced.

Now flags also have a status for easy monitoring – Open/Resolved

Dashboard Updates

Multi-site Dashboad In Mobile App


With the UI enhancements, now it’s easier for managers of multiple sites to have an overview of the data across all the sites they have access to.

View Data Department-Wise

Previously all the overview was displayed site-wise, making it challenging for department heads to view how their departments were performing. With the new department view, you can view your department’s performance across sites allowing you to take corrective measures to improve productivity whenever needed

Checklist Status Report


Now, easily view reports for checklists assigned as adhoc, gone missed and or submitted late right on the dashboard itself.

Expand & Collapse Question Groups

Drafts allow multiple users to complete sections of checklists and now with the help of the new option for groups, it’s easy to collapse and expand question groups for better navigation

Improved Knowledge Base

The knowledge base has now been updated with the easy-to-follow guides to help you utilize Pazo to the fullest without needing external support. However, we’re always here to help you 🙂

Date-wise Schedule Progress

With the new feature added to the dashboard, you can now filter schedule progress by date, allowing you to quickly analyse trends and take corrective measures if needed. Date-wise progress can be seen for completed schedules that have flags, pending review or have been missed. You can also view data for Adhoc checklists that have flags or are pending review.


Advance Planning Of Schedules

Previously, schedules could not be created in advance. With this new feature, there is better planning for future processes. This is helpful if there are new processes or departments being added to improve routine operations

Copy Schedule to Multiple Sites

Creating schedules on individual sites being managed by a single employee can be time-consuming and there are more chances of human error. With the ability to copy schedules, a schedule common to multiple sites can be created once and then copied to the remaining sites, saving time and minimising errors

All Sites & Zone View

Now schedules assigned to sites and particular zones can be easily viewed using the newly added filter view

Filter for Checklists on Scheduled Page

Now there’s no more scrolling through multiple created checklists to find what hasn’t been scheduled yet. With the new filter, you can easily view the checklists that need scheduling

Trigger for a Checklist On Multiple Sites

In the past, individual triggers needed to be added to checklists across multiple sites. With this new feature, while creating a trigger for a specific schedule, you can add the same trigger conditions to all the sites you manage

Disable all schedules simultaneously

Earlier each schedule had to be disabled individually, in case there were any changes. Now all schedules that are not relevant or need a change can be disabled all at once. If any locations need to be disabled or edited in a particular schedule, it will not affect previous submissions and the newly made changes will be visible from the next day onwards.


Download multiple checklists reports

Department managers had to sift through all the checklists of sites being managed. Now, you can download the report for a maximum of 10 checklists from specific departments at a time for better viewing and analysis. The functionality for Export Report and Review Data on Export Reports has also become more robust.

Discard Drafts

Previously drafts had to be abandoned when a work permit was on hold or rejected. Now, drafts that are not needed, for any purpose, can be easily discarded to improve visibility and minimise confusion.









Flags, triggers and scores associated with the discarded draft will be ignored, however, the report will display the last saved progress before the draft was discarded

Apart from these, we have added help text and made a few modifications in the ‘add/edit user’ and ‘manage sites’ sections for a better user-friendly experience.

Pazo News

Pazo Upgraded to Version 7.9!

We have been working on quite a few things since our last feature update. As we are now scaling globally, Pazo is happy to announce that we’ve moved to a pure SaaS model. What does that mean, you ask? With our new upgrade, we have automated the system so that every customer can opt for a trial, pay online and start using PAZO in a matter of clicks. No more waiting!

With our global scaling, we have also made our pricing plans more transparent. Now, choose a plan based on the features and number of users you wish to add to your Pazo account.

Without further ado, here are the updates for Pazo 7.9. You can watch the quick video summary or choose to read through the detailed feature updates:

More Accessible Unsubmitted Checklists

Previously, you had to switch between multiple pages to be able to view the drafted checklists, making it a bit more difficult to see where exactly it was. Now, when checklists are being created and saved as drafts, they can be easily accessed on the dashboard page on the mobile app.

Managers can easily see the progress of drafts, even if they have only Viewer or only Site Admin permissions on the mobile app.

Alerts For Processes/ Permit To Work

There have been times when team members weren’t alerted when drafts were being created. This was seen, especially for permit to work orders. To make communication easier within the teams and to complete tasks faster, we’ve now added the feature to add a trigger on saving a draft. Whenever someone from your department saves a drafts, you can be notified by email, SMS, web hook or just a notification

Personalised Nomenclature For Drafts

It’s not always that you call processes in your industry using the same nomenclature as another industry. This is why we have now added the option for you to change the default name of saved processes checklists from “drafts” to anything of your choice. This option is available under ‘Globalisation’ in the setup page.

Gallery Image Annotations For Raising Issues Easily

We’ve added annotations to the gallery images, similar to what we already have for Issues and Messages. This makes it easier for managers raising issues from gallery images, where specific details can be marked. 

Alerts on Checklist Scores For Process Optimisation

As a manager or an auditor monitoring efficiency, getting an alert as soon as something is underperforming is a great way to optimise it. This is why we have now added triggers to checklist scores when they are less than, greater than or in between to a specified condition. You can add triggered to scores of a particular field or the overall achieved score.         

So that was all you needed to know about this new update. If there’s a feature you would like to see in Pazo, do let us know in the comments and you just might see them in our future versions.

Pazo News

Pazo Updated to v7.8

Mobile App

1. Introduced Image Gallery on PAZO Mobile App

Now, users with Site Admin or Viewer permissions can view all images submitted within a checklist across all sites at one place in the gallery menu. Flagged images and fields are also highlighted in the Gallery.Image gallery on the mobile app image gallery in pazo mobile app

Users have an option to share the Image to different apps such as Gmail, WhatsApp, etc. Users have an option to directly raise an issue on an image from the gallery itself, users have to open an image and click on raise issue button.

view image and raise issue

2. View Previous Days information on Mobile App

On Multi-Site View, now users are able to select dates & see the information for previous days. They can view information such as Schedules, Review Pending, and Flags. But open issues are counted till the present date.
Previous day schedules

Users can directly navigate to Schedules, Review Pending and Flags pages respectively and view the information for chosen dates respectively.

Web App

  1. PAZO Help Knowledgebase
  • Now, there is a dedicated Help Section in PAZO. PAZO Help widget helps all web users to find the answers to their questions in the form of texts, images, and videos. This knowledge base will keep on updating its content from time to time so that users are can read about the updated feature descriptions, FAQs. There is an option to raise a ticket via an email or immediately chat with a PAZO support team member. Users may also visit to go through the full knowledge base. 

Helpscout Support

2. MIS reports inside Web App

  • A New Reports Page is added under checklists menu for downloading various reports in excel format. Reports such as submitted checklists zone Wise, Issues Site Wise, Issues Department Wise, Flags raised Site Wise, Flags raised Department Wise.
  • Users can select a Site Group, Sites and departments to filter accordIngly and download reports as per their needs.

MIS Reports

3. Locations Enhancement

Now, users have an option Download QR for the particular locations only instead of downloading all the QR Codes for all the Locations at once. Now, locations page UI has been made simple for better User Experience.

Location Features Enhancement

4. Default Location created at the Time of Site Creation

  • Now, a location is created by default as soon as a new site is created
  • Location information such as city, coordinates & address are copied from the Site itself
  • A random six-character code is given to this location which can be edited later as per needs.

This location can be used for raising Issues, assigning schedules if required. This location can be edited and deleted at any time.

5. Now, in Checklist Graphs on Custom Dashboard users have an option to see Percentage change on Y-Axis

  • On the Custom Dashboard, while creating and editing a checklist graph, selecting the Y-axis user gets two options: Total and Percentage. Same is followed for the particular checklist. This will show the percentage change of the chosen option such as submitted and missed respectively on the bar graphs.

Custom graphs feature

6. User Tagging is now allowed in Schedule and Department Level Escalations

  • User Tagging is now allowed in Schedule Escalations and Department Escalations. Tags can be assigned in these escalations instead of giving names of each individual one by one.

user tagging improved

  • User Permissions such as Site Admin and Viewer (with departments) is checked before sending an escalation to enhance the security of the system.

improved user tagging

7. Enhanced design for PDF download in communications

  • Task PDF design has been redesigned for a better cleaner look. Images are shown as thumbnails, all analytics such as users responded, sites responded are shown in a cleaner way for better user experience. This PDF download is available for person who created a task in communications.


Pazo News

Pazo updated to v7.7

Mobile App

1. Save Checklists as Drafts to complete later

Save Draft feature can be enabled which allows users to fill a part of their Checklist and Save it as a Draft instead of Submitting it upfront. Once the Checklist has been saved as a Draft, any user from the same department can continue filling up the checklists. All Saved Drafts will be visible in New Drafts Page until the final submission of the Checklist is done. Currently the Save Draft feature is only available for Adhoc Checklists(with no location set). For existing Checklists, this feature needs to be enabled in the schedule.  (Details given in # 9)

Save Drafts Feature in Checklists

2. Multi-Site View on Field App

We have revamped our Multi-Site view on PAZO Field App, now a person with viewer or Site Admin Access can view the Total Counts of Schedules Completed, Review Pending, Flags, and Open Issues across all associated Sites at one Place without further drilling down. Even the Zonal Managers can view a summary of their respective Zones at one place.

Multi-Site View on Field App

Web App

1. On Custom Dashboard users can compare data

A new feature for comparison of data has been introduced. To compare a Graph, users have to enable the compare to option present on Top, then users can compare the same graphs with a different Time Ranges such as

Last Week, Last Month, Last 7 Days, Last 30 Days and Custom Date Range.

On Custom Dashboard users are now able to compare data

Scores are now shown for Single Checklists also in Checklist data.On Custom Dashboard users are now able to compare data

2. Now, Tags can be assigned Users.

With this Release, we are introducing a very useful feature User Tags which will allow Admins to create a List of User Tags and assign it to particular Users. These tags will be used in many places throughout the system.

Users can be assigned for Tag(s)

Users can be assigned for Tag(s)

Now, admins don’t have to remember particular Emails and usernames to set up an Email. Instead, they can just create and assign Tags to users and while Email Setup, give the Tags, the system will automatically pick up the particular user emails and based on their permissions, an Email will be sent to them on a particular chosen interval such as daily, weekly and monthly.

Users can be assigned for Tag(s)

3. Modifications in Tabular Dashboard

Now, a Department Manager can view overall department wise progress on the Dashboard and drill down further to Sites.

Modifications in Tabular Dashboard

A New Filter is introduced, which will allow users to choose from three different options:

  • Scheduled Today- displays all the daily schedules i.e. daily anytime, a particular time, specific time schedules as well as Weekly particular Time and Monthly particular Time that are scheduled for the present date.
  • Scheduled this Week- displays all the weekly schedules i.e. weekly anytime, a specific day in a week.
  • Scheduled this Month- displays all the monthly schedules i.e. date of the month, day of the week, any time of the month.

Modifications in Tabular Dashboard

To avoid confusion, now, there are completion statuses for both Real-Time Status as well as Overall Status for a Day.

Modifications in Tabular Dashboard

4. Enhanced Password Complexity

To ensure more security, now a minimum 8 characters password only be allowed while creating a New User and Editing password for old users.

Modifications in Tabular Dashboard

5. Any Images with flags in Image Gallery are now highlighted

Now, if an Image which is detected as Blank during Checklist Submission is highlighted in Red Color Border on the Image Gallery section.

Modifications in Tabular Dashboard

Also, a Flagged Field with an Image Attachment is highlighted along with flagged answers on the Image Gallery section.

Modifications in Tabular Dashboard

6. A new option, Week of the Month has been added to Monthly Checklist Schedule

Now, a checklist can be scheduled for a particular Week of the Month such as 1st Week, 2nd Week, 3rd Week or 4th Week in particular.

Modifications in Tabular Dashboard

7. All disabled things are hidden by default

To improve our Product user experience, now we hide all disabled items by default.

Users can view the disabled items with the help of a Toggling switch on Top right corner of the Page which will Toggle between showing Disabled Items and not Showing Disabled Items.

Modifications in Tabular Dashboard

8. Introduced a New Flags Graph on Analytics Dashboard

To have a better and actionable view of the Flags, a new Flags graph has been introduced which can be drilled down to Sites and Department Level. Managers can also directly raise a Task on the Flags by clicking on the Messaging Icon.

Modifications in Tabular Dashboard

Modifications in Tabular Dashboard

9. Save Drafts Feature in Checklists

Now, users have an option to fill a part of their Checklist and Save it as a Draft instead of Submitting it upfront. All the users within a department will have access to Saved Drafts.

Modifications in Tabular Dashboard

The remaining part of the Drafts can be filled by any user belonging to a particular Department for which the Checklist was scheduled. All Saved Drafts will be visible in New Drafts Page until the final submission of the Checklist is done.

Modifications in Tabular Dashboard

Modifications in Tabular Dashboard


Pazo News

PAZO Updated to v7.6

We’ve been working hard on a few features that make PAZO more efficient and more useful for the users. We’re excited to introduce our newest features. Here is a complete description of what has been upgraded and added newly in the PAZO App v7.6.  


1. Scoring Logic for Checklists Submission

A user with client admin access is will be able to create and edit a checklist for the audit process. Users can enable the Scoring (only for new checklists) and use the checklist for various purposes such as auditing.

Scoring Logic for Checklists Submission

The scores can be viewed on checklist Reports, Custom Graphs, and Checklist submission page. 

checklist score by date


checklist score by question


Checklist score

The intent of creating a checklist with scoring capability is to provide the managers or authorities with useful information that helps in making decisions and reducing associated risks. 

2. Text Overlay on the Photos

Now, photos clicked from PAZO App while filling a checklist will be captioned with Date & Time of Checklist Submission, Schedule Name, Checklist ID and Site name for which the checklist was scheduled. 

text overlay effect on pazo photos

Text overlay on the images adds to a layer of transparency and avoid duplication in the checklist submissions. This allows managers to check the photos uploaded during checklists submissions with the Checklist Name, Location, Date and Time stamp in the photo itself.  Managers can check photo details without navigating to the image gallery or anywhere else in the system. 

3. Alert Trigger for Blank Images

While creating a checklist, admin can set alerts for blank images. So, whenever a field user submits an image which has no objects present in them, an alert email will be sent on the registered email id of the user who receives the Checklist report.

Alert Trigger for Blank Images

Sometimes field users submit checklists with blank photos of the wall, door, ground or some random blank places just to pass the mandatory question in a checklist. Therefore, PAZO introduced this feature through which the manager or reviewer or the admin will get instant alerts on their registered email ids whenever a blank image is uploaded during a checklist submission. 

4. Modifications in Tabular Dashboard

Now, users can click on any number on the Tabular Dashboard and drill down to a list which will allow managers and decision makers to take immediate actions on the data.

Modifications in Tabular Dashboard

We have made our tabular dashboard more interactive. Now users can click on the respective number to drill down to a list to view actionable information on the tabular dashboard. 

5. Manage Users with more ease

To make our system more robust and scalable we have enhanced our users’ page. Now, users with Site admin and Client admin Rights can Bulk Upload users by selecting Sites on the Left.

site admin uploading users


site admin uploading users Now multiple users actions can be performed such as change user permissions and disable all Users at once, by selecting checkboxes present on Top of the user’s list.

multiple users actions

6. View Submitted Checklists Page

Introduced a new Page which allows users with Client Admin and Site Admin access can view New Checklists Page to display the list of all Checklists submitted for a day. 

Checklist review page

Earlier, Managers weren’t able to see all the submitted checklists for a single date, now its easy to check all the submitted at one place.  They can see if any actions are pending like Submitted late, Review pending, etc. They can even filter by site location, the department also. 

7. Consolidated Manage Departments

Introduced New Manage Departments which allows:

  • Users with Client Admin rights can add New Departments and Edit Department Names.
  • Users with Site Admin can view all departments, can add users to a Department.

Consolidated Manage Departments


8. Multi-Site View on PAZO App

Now, the user with Viewer and Site Admin permissions can log in to PAZO App and see a list of details such as Reviews Pending, Flags, and Schedules completed and open issues for those Sites on one screen.

Multi-Site View on Field App

Now the Site admins or Viewers don’t need to login to a different mobile app for viewing submitted checklists open issues, flags all on a single screen. They can also review the checklists from the PAZO App itself. 

9. Attach documents while raising Issues

Users are allowed to attach any type of documents (images, pdf, word, videos) while raising an Issue.

Now, multiple attachments are allowed in task creation and response.

chat attach documents

Earlier, Users and Issuers were been able to raise an issue only with an Image. Now  Users or the Issuers can add any type of reference documents or any supporting evidence such as pdf, word, image or any short video while raising the issues. 

10. Revamped Communication Features

Now, Group Admin (Person who created a Group) has the capability to rename a group name & add or remove users from a Group. 

Revamped Communication Features

Users can use the Repeat Task option for copying the same Task by long pressing on a Task name in Task Tab.

copying a same Task by long pressing