• We have been working on quite a few things since our last feature update. As we are now scaling globally, Pazo is happy to announce that we’ve moved to a pure SaaS model. What does that mean, you ask? With our new upgrade, we have automated the system so that every customer can opt for a trial, pay online and start using PAZO in a matter of clicks. No more waiting! With our global scaling,
  • Here’s a quick sample of pre-opening checklist head-cashiers can follow before starting the store transactions for the day. Opening procedures checklist S.noChecklist Check Action 1Day Opening Process adhered to by cashiers?Yes / No 2Cashiers following grooming standards?Yes / No 3Picture of Cashier Image Upload 4Cash till cleaned and without any merchandise, hanger or unwanted material?Yes / No 5Picture of Cash TillImage Upload 6Q managers in Place- Airport queue is in ProcessYes / No 7Take relevant
  • Not everybody around the globe sits at a workstation completing a 9-5 job. In fact, 80% of the individuals consist of deskless workforce. As much as technology has advanced and improved businesses, deskless workers haven’t been able to reap the benefits. Who Is The Deskless Workforce? The 2.7 billion people across various industries from hospitality to facilities to healthcare, who are mobile when they work are the deskless workforce. The digital transformation has been on
  • As a retailer, having well-arranged store outlets make it easier for both customers and the store teams. Visual merchandising has many levels of displaying and placing the right items at the right place.  Retail store inspection checklist Use this sample checklist to take your visual merchandising to the next level, without missing out on important steps: S.noChecklist Check Action STORE EXTERIOR 1Is signage clearly visible to passing pedestrians and traffic?Yes / No 2Are store hours
  • The market is rapidly evolving and maintaining operational excellence has become crucial to be successful. What does it mean to be an operationally efficient retail store? When your store or chain of stores maintain high brand standards, consistent sales and provide a great customer experience while saving time, money and resources, you can say that it is operationally efficient. Why is store operational efficiency critical for retail success? Making your retail store operations effective will
  • The hotel duty manager checklist is a quick and easy way to make sure that everything and everyone in the hotel are in top condition. Hotel duty manager checklist S.noChecklist Check Action STAFF 1Security guard on duty well-trainedYes / No 2All employees hygienic and well-groomedYes / No 3All employees in proper uniformYes / No 4All employees wearing name tagsYes / No 5All employees aware of emergency proceduresYes / No 6All employees trained in process, rules