The Hotel Duty Manager’s Checklist is a quick and easy way to make sure that everything and everyone in the hotel are in top condition. Service quality is the life of the hotel, when it comes to customer satisfaction. 

S.noChecklist Check Action
1Security guard on duty well-trainedYes / No
2All employees hygienic and well-groomedYes / No
3All employees in proper uniformYes / No
4All employees wearing name tagsYes / No
5All employees aware of emergency proceduresYes / No
6All employees trained in process, rules and regulationsYes / No
1Entry and Exit gates and front porch cleanYes / No
2Hotel Entrance cleanYes / No
3All signages cleanYes / No
4All lights in the premises in place and workingYes / No
5Lobby entrance cleanYes / No
6CCTV cameras clear and in good working conditionYes / No
1Clean glass doors and windowsYes / No
2Clean plantersYes / No
3Public toilets clean and sanitizedYes / No
4Public toilets - tissues and hand papers in placeYes / No
5Reception counter clean and clutter freeYes / No
6Proper signage clear and visibleYes / No
1Entrance clean and unobstructedYes / No
2Glass doors and windows smudge freeYes / No
3Floors, hallways, ceilings clean and damage freeYes / No
4Chairs and tables all setYes / No
5Clean utensilsYes / No
6Public toilets clean and sanitizedYes / No
7Public toilets - tissues and hand papers in placeYes / No
8Food tags in placeYes / No
9Food replenishment done at regular intervalYes / No
1Kitchen facilities cleanYes / No
2Staff well groomed, hygienic and in proper uniform
Yes / No
1Glass door to pool smudge free and cleanYes / No
2Swimming pools has clean waterYes / No
3Pool deck cleanYes / No
4Towels are availableYes / No
5Public toilets clean and sanitizedYes / No
6Public toilets - tissues and hand papers in placeYes / No
7Public showers clean and sanitizedYes / No
8Public showers' toiletries availableYes / No
1Appealing ambianceYes / No
2Rooms have a relaxing scentYes / No
3Clean facilitiesYes / No
1Clean floorYes / No
2Smudge-free mirror and glassYes / No
1Doors working properlyYes / No
2Light switches worksYes / No
3Window glass clean and damage freeYes / No
4Drapes straight and working properlyYes / No
5Controls for air conditioning/heat work properlyYes / No
6Air conditioning filter cleanYes / No
7Lampshades clean and straightYes / No
8Beds correctly madeYes / No
9Fluffed/even pillowsYes / No
10Bedspreads straightYes / No
11Mattress firmYes / No
12Bedspread free of rips and stainsYes / No
13Upholstery clean and in good conditionYes / No
14Furniture free from scratches or stainsYes / No
15Walls clean and free of cobwebsYes / No
16Walls free from scratches and nicksYes / No
17Luggage racks in good conditionYes / No
18Pictures and Mirrors straightYes / No
19Telephone workingYes / No
20Clean ashtraysYes / No
21Furniture drawers slide out easilyYes / No
1All cars parked properlyYes / No
2Parking area clean
Yes / No
3All trash bins clean and in placeYes / No
4Garbage segregated and collectedYes / No
1Staff entrance clean
Yes / No
2Staff washrooms cleanYes / No
3Staff locker room cleanYes / No
4Employee biometrics and time logs in proper working conditionYes / No

This generic hotel walkthrough checklist can be scheduled to recur based on shift timings and the manager can customise it by adding more questions or modifying the existing ones according to your brand standards, processes and conditions.


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