Allow franchisee owners to take family time off!

With Pazo, franchisee owners can monitor day-to-day ops without having to be at the store!
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Win-win for both: the franchisee & the brand!

Day-to-day operations prevent franchisee owners to expand their franchise business. Leverage Pazo to free up their operational time everyday & make yourself the franchisee preferred brand.
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Execute seamlessly:
Daily Ops & DSR Checklists
Grooming & VM Checks
Audits - Stock, Assets
Breakdown management

Improve end customer experience by 10x

Pazo allows leading retail brands to expand exponentially without compromising on brand consistency.

Customer Connect

Pazo public QR allows brands to connect and win customers at each store. Pazo AI detects poor NPS and resolve it at the source.

Consistent Execution

Pazo empowers every store manager to flaunt their superior execution. The system flags inconsistency for immediate resolution.

Trusted by industry's best

Retail Chains

Fashion, Apparel, Footwear, Convenience Stores

Retail Execution, Visual Merchandise, Stock Upkeep, Statutory Compliance, Store Visits & Audits

and much more

"Pazo creates value by saving time in daily administrative work and transforming paper-based processes into digital."

Olaf Koch, Chairman @METRO MG