Overseeing Shopping Mall operations made easy!

Pazo has helped leading malls improve bottomline by over 20% and tenant NPS jump multi-fold.

Effortless Shopping Mall operations

Simpler operations

Use checklist to handle all mall operations with Pazo, including opening and closing shopping malls, cleaning, and staff management. Stay in touch with your employees and assign tasks through the chat feature. Use checklists to schedule your operations so that the right people can get things done at the right time. Get notified when a scheduled checklist is submitted.

Planogram execution

Promotional displays & campaign execution

Store upkeep & hygiene

Mall maintenance

Have your mall customer-ready at all times

Maintain mall assets and equipments to not only avoid unexpected cost bumps but also provide a smoother customer experience. Record meter readings and track working conditions of electronic devices such as elevators, escalators, and air conditioners by scheduling regular maintenance checklists. Raise issues to specific departments if any fixing is needed. Ensure ambient setting of ACs and music systems to offer a pleasant customer experience.

Recurring digital checklists

Automatic non-compliance alerts

In-app alerts, document sharing & workflows

work permits and vendor onboarding

Hassle free onboarding of vendors to the mall

Create checklists for vendors in your mall. Collect crucial documents remotely through the documents feature. Use checklist to perform audits  to ensure that all vendors comply with shopping mall and government-issued guidelines regarding fire safety and Covid-19. Create checklists with details of work permits issued in case of any temporary services. Collect details of description of work to be carried out, risks to be assessed, and start-end dates and renting agreements through Pazo.

Real-time replenishment visibility

Price label check & stock compliance

KYC by getting in assortment request from the shelf

Hygiene and Housekeeping

Do a "Clean Sweep"!

Get clear visibility of the mall environment and hygiene by sharing images and videos through the chat feature. Schedule checklists for housekeeping and shopping mall cleaning and restocking of washroom and kitchen supplies. Raise flags and/or issues to the concerned personnel on any visible flaws or imperfections.

Shrinkage reporting & monitoring

Digitise store opening & closing process + weekly roaster

Get NPS & CSAT from end customers right from the shelf

Trusted by industry's best

"PAZO creates value by saving time in daily administrative work and transforming paper-based processes into digital."

Olaf Koch, Chairman @METRO MG
Retail Chains

Fashion, Apparel, Footwear, Convenience Stores

Retail Execution, Visual Merchandise, Stock Upkeep, Statutory Compliance, Store Visits & Audits

and much more

"Pazo creates value by saving time in daily administrative work and transforming paper-based processes into digital."

Olaf Koch, Chairman @METRO MG